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Document What happens if I make a double payment or double booking?

Our systems will not allow you to make the same booking (same name, same payment method, same flight date & time) within 24 hours.

However, if you use a different payment method or you accidentally make the same booking after 24 hours it will result in a double booking (two tickets with different reference numbers). If that is the case, please click this link and fill up the e-form to request for a refund: in "Case Category" select "Feedback" and in "Type" select "Website Booking/Check-In";. Fill up all mandatory fields marked with an "*". You will need to provide the reference number of both of your bookings.

If you happen to have made a double payment (only one ticket and one reference number) please click this link and fill up the e-form: in "Case Category" select "Refund" and in "Type" select "Double Payment"; also fill up all mandatory fields marked with an "*".

A reply will be sent to the email address that you have entered in the passenger contact details. Kindly bear in mind that refund will be processed to the credit card or direct debit account that was used to make payment for the booking initially.
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