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Document Are my credit card details with AirAsia secure?

Yes, we aim to ensure your online transactions are fully secured. See below for more information on MasterCard and Visa secured card payment mechanisms:

What is 3D secure?
3D Secure was created for Visa/MasterCard/JCB to further secure CNP's (Cardholder Not Present) internet transactions which creates a 'trust chain' for every secure payment made. This creation was to ensure users that even when shopping online all your information and transactions are exclusively meant to be used by you only. Each credit card has their own version, for visa it is "Verified by Visa", for MasterCard it is "MasterCard SecureCode" whereas JCB is "J/Secure".

What happens during a 3D secured card payment?
When you pay with a 3D secured credit card, the 3D secure service launches automatically. After you enter your credit card number and submit your payment, a 3D secure window will appear and your card issuer will display an authentication page. Enter your information and password and click submit. Once your identity is verified, your checkout continues.

What if I don't have 3D secure?
You may still register for 3D secure services with your credit card issuing bank. For additional help, please contact your credit card issuing bank directly for the most up-to-date information about using 3D secured card.

For more information on Verified by Visa click here: http://www.visa-asia.com/verified/
For more information on MasterCard SecudeCode click here: http://www.mastercard.com/securecd/faq.do
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