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Document If I miss an onward flight because of an AirAsia flight delay, what should I do?

For flight transfers booked with us in the following situations, you can opt for the following options:

i) What if a planned/ad hoc delay or cancellation of one flight segment causes me to miss my connection which I have booked under one booking number (booked under Fly-Thru service)?
We will move you to the next available flight of your choice, free of charge. However, the Flight Transfer facility may not be available thereafter if the timings between the new connection exceed the 90 minutes to 6 hour window.

ii) What if a planned/ad hoc delay or cancellation of one flight segment causes me to miss my connection which I have booked as 2 separate point to point flights and does not come with the Flight Transfer service?
This is not subject to our T&C as a point to point carrier, service recovery under this circumstance is entirely dependent on the discretion of the airline based on the cause of the disruption.

iii) What happens when I miss my connecting flight (booked under Fly-Thru service) due to an ad hoc delay in the Flight Transfer and need to remain in KUL?
We will arrange and compensate for food, accomodation and transport to accomodation. This is not subject to our T&C but will be provided upon the discretion of the airline as a part of our service recovery process.

iv) How long can I remain in the departure hall before my next flight in cases of delays?
Currently the maximum time is 6 hours, whereby after that you will need to leave the departure hall (clear immigration and ensure visa requirements are met, we will need to consult immigration on a case by case basis should you not meet Malaysian entry requirements). All Flight Transfers sold currently are between 90 minutes and 6 hours. This is subject to change depending on operational and airport requirements. For more information, please see our FAQs on our flight transfers.

We will do our best to adhere to published schedules in effect to the date of travel. We are not liable for any missed flights for strict point-to-point travel.
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