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Document Right to refuse carriage

We may refuse carriage of you or your baggage for reasons of safety or if, in the exercise of our reasonable discretion, we determine that:

  • such action is necessary for reasons of safety or security;
  • such action is necessary in order to comply with any applicable laws, regulations or orders of any state or country to be flown from, into or over;
  • your conduct, status, age or mental or physical condition or the physical condition of your baggage is such:
    (i) as to cause reasonable fear of harm, to other passengers or to our crew; or
    (ii) that you may pose a hazard or risk to yourself, other persons or to property;
  • you have committed misconduct on a previous flight and there is a reasonable likelihood that such conduct may be repeated;
  • you have not observed, or are likely to fail to observe, our instructions;
  • you have refused to submit to a security check;
  • the applicable fare or any charges or taxes payable have not been paid;
  • the payment of your fare is fraudulent;
  • you do not have the proper documents for travel;
  • the booking of our Seat has been done fraudulently or unlawfully or has been purchased from a person not authorized by us;
  • the credit card by which you paid for the fare has been reported lost or stolen;
  • the Itinerary or booking or Electronic Ticket is counterfeit or fraudulently obtained;
  • the Itinerary has been altered by anyone other than us or our authorized agent, or has been mutilated (in which case we reserve the right to retain such documentation); and/or
  • the person checking in or boarding cannot prove that he is the person named as the passenger on the Itinerary (we reserve the right to retain such Itinerary in this circumstance).
refuse to carry, not accept to carry, refuse carriage, terms and conditions

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