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Document What is "Manage My Booking"?

As a technology savvy airline, we have invested heavily in our website which includes a Manage My Booking feature, allowing guests to make changes to their bookings on their own. All you need is a member ID to login, which you can sign up for in a matter of clicks. Once you have signed in, you can do the following on Manage My Booking:

(a) Check flight status; *
(b) Check online booking status;
(c) Check refund status;
(d) Change Flight date or time; *
(e) Update your contact details or guests details;
(f) Pre-book or upsize checked baggage allowance; *
(g) Pre-book or change in-flight meals; *
(h) Pick-a-seat or change seat selection; *
(i) Upgrade class (only applicable to flight number beginning with D7)

* You can also ‘Manage my Booking’ from your mobile via AirAsia Mobile App or mobile.airasia.com under ‘My Bookings’.
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