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Document On-Time Guarantee benefit in AirAsia Travel Protection

AirAsia Travel Protection offers an On-Time Guarantee (OTG) benefit in its plan.

How am I entitled for an OTG benefit?
If you have purchased AirAsia Travel Protection and when your scheduled flight is delayed by more than 2 hours.

How do I claim for an OTG benefit?
  1. Download the claim form from airasia.com at http://www.tuneinsure.com/makeclaim/how_to_make_aclaim.php
  2. Use facsimile to send the completed form and claim supporting documents to the facsimile number and address as stated in the form
  3. Notice must be received within 30 days after the occurrence of the event
Where can I purchase AirAsia Travel Protection including the OTG?
  1. While you book online at www.airasia.com
  2. Via Manage My Booking and Web Check-In
  3. Offline at Sales Offices (currently in Malaysia only)

AirAsia Travel Protection Plan Type Price per policy
One-Way Cover Domestic RM7.50
One-Way Cover Regional RM9.50
One-Way Cover International RM15.00
Return Cover Domestic RM18.00
Return Cover Regional RM21.00
Return Cover International (1-10 Days) RM29.00
Return Cover International (11-30 Days) RM49.00

*Please note that as at May 2012 AirAsia Travel Protection domestic plans do not apply to domestic flights in Japan

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