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Document Cambodia International Airports Charges

Effective 1 April 2011, the Passenger Service Charge (PSC), a charge collected from passengers departing the airport will be included in international air tickets. The PSC rates will remain at the current levels with no increments but the following adjustments are to be noted.

Only the following rates will apply:-

Adult Children
(under 12 years-old)
(under 2 years-old)
USD 25 USD 13 Free of charge



Cambodian nationals will be entitled to refunds amounting to USD 7 (Adults) and USD 3 (Children) as in line with the existing rates configuration will be charged USD 18 and USD 10 respectively.


This PSC affects guests that purchased their tickets on/after 21 January 2011 for travels on/after 1 April 2011.


Guests who travel after 1 April 2011 but purchased tickets before 21 January will still have to pay their PSC at the airports’ counters. This also applies for guests travelling before 1 April and purchased their tickets before or after 21 January.


For guests who bought tickets on/after 21 January for travel plans on/after 1 April but have made changes to travel before 1 April will be entitled to refunds based on existing rates and must contact respective travel agencies or airlines.


The incorporation of the PSC into international air tickets aims to ease and speed up the travelling process at international airports.

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