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Document What is the difference between AirAsia membership and BIG?

As an AirAsia member, you will be able to enjoy these great benefits with your AirAsia membership:

• FREE e-newsletter on latest promotions

• Freebies

• Invites to exclusive events

• Latest updates on new routes

• Faster booking process without having to re-enter your personal details

• Updates on holiday/tour promotions

• New route and frequency updates

Sign up today by clicking on this link.

As a frequent flyer program, AirAsia has  a program called BIG Loyalty. By becoming a member, you earn “BIG Points” when you spend on AirAsia and its affiliated brands and products. You will be able to redeem free flight tickets with your “BIG Points” while enjoying the free processing fee if payment is made with you Big Visa Card.

Earn 1 BIG Point for every RM2 spent on AirAsia flight bookings with / without in-flight products.
Earn 1 BIG Point for every RM1 spent on High Flyer, Premium, Corporate, Government fares.
Need to know more? Can't wait to be a member and become a "BIG Shot"? Please click this link and take the first step to become a BIG Shot.
You may also view simple steps on how to earn your BIG Points by clicking on this link.
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