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Document What is Express Booking?

Why use Express Booking:
  1. Saves you time! We are all busy people & want to make life just a little easier for you.
  2. Select from the lowest fares! We automatically give you a selection of the lowest fares. Premium fares will be available soon.

What is Express Booking:
  1. Saves your last 3 flights, including your previous meal, baggage, sports equipment and comfort kit selection
  2. Lets you select date and time from the lowest fares
  3. You can add on seat selection and AirAsia Insurance later via Manage My Booking

How to use Express Booking:
  1. Log in as member. If you aren't a member yet, sign up here
  2. In the left navigation pane, click on Express Booking
  3. All you have to do is select date, time, from the lowest fares
  4. If you want to you can click on ‘Change’ in the ‘Add-on’s’ panel on the right to change your meal, baggage, comfort kit or sports equipment selection
  5. Click on proceed with payment

If you are having issues with making an Express Booking you can return to the main booking page to start a new booking, or chat to us via Live Chat or lodge an online form to our Customer Care team here.
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