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Document Launch of Beijing Flights & Ceasing of Tianjin Flights

Launching flights to & from Beijing

1.        When will AAX’s operation commence from Beijing Airport?

·         The first flight into/out of Beijing Airport will be on Friday, 22nd June 2012

·         The new timings of the flights will be:

                                                               i.      KUL-PEK STD 18:45 STA 00:50

                                                              ii.      PEK-KUL STD 02:05 STA 08:30


2.        Why are you stopping flights to/from Tianjin & commencing Beijing?

·         AirAsia X’s decision to switch from Tianjin to Beijing Airport was to maximise commercial opportunities in Beijing, to ultimately drive increased traffic flow between China and Malaysia, and also the various key feeder markets within AirAsia’s and AirAsia X’s network in China. AirAsia X guests would be given a wider choice to travel onwards and connect domestically and internationally via Beijing airport. Public transport and accommodation facilities are easily accessible via Beijing for guest stop over’s or for those heading towards the surrounding region


Ceasing flights to & from Tianjin

3.        When will flights cease in/out of Tianjin?

·         Last flight to operate will be Wednesday 20th June 2012


4.        What options are available for me if I am flying in/out of Tianjin?

·         Move to any other available flight to/from Beijing (earlier or later) – see above for Beijing flight times

·         Move to an earlier flight to/from Tianjin (before Wednesday 20th June 2012)

·         A full refund or

·         Convert the fares into Online Credit Shell


5.        I have a connecting flight on AirAsia or Airasia X. What are the options available?

·         Move your Air Asia or AirAsia X flight to a different date to match your Beijing flight or a full refund or Credit Shell for Air Asia or AirAsia X connecting flights only.


6.        I have a flight from/into Tianjin before the move to Beijing, where will my return flight arrive/depart?

·         Effective from 22nd June all flights will depart/arrive from Beijing, as we will no longer be flying into or out of Tianjin.


7.        Can I make a reservation arriving/departing to Tianjin and my return flight departing/arriving to Beijing?

·         Yes you may. Your travel date into or out of Tianjin has to be before the 22nd June 2012 and your travel date for your return flight into or out of Beijing has to be on/after the 22nd June 2012


Affected guests will be receiving an email at least 2 months before your flight date to request which option you would like to proceed with.

If you wish to process your changes earlier, you may contact our Premium Line - AAX (600 85 8888) or China Call Centre (+86 20 2281 7666) from May 21, 2012. Info on Call Centres are also available here.

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