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Document Suspension of Kuala Lumpur - Solo Route

Why did AirAsia decide to suspend this route?

The route suspension is in line with AirAsia Group’s business plan to realign and strengthen AirAsia Indonesia’s operations. More connectivity will be allocated for routes between Kuala Lumpur and other destinations in Indonesia soon.

When is this cancellation taking place?

The termination of this flight route is effective 2nd September 2012.

Last flight will be on 1th Sep 2012 KUL-SOC AK1336 / 1st Sep 2012 SOC-KUL AK1337

How about guests who have booked and confirmed their flights? Will they be offered anything?

Yes, affected guests will:

i)                    Be offered a credit shell for the value that they paid with a validity of 3 months OR a full refund.

ii)                   Be offered a complimentary change of flight from Kuala Lumpur – Solo to Yogyakarta or Semarang instead, without any additional charges for flight only.

iii)                 Move their flights to an earlier date to or from Kuala Lumpur or Solo without any extra charges and subject to availability.

These options are strictly for travel from 2nd September 2012.

What about my hotel reservations / ground transportation / connecting flights / missed tours or any other out of pocket expenses which I have booked? Will AirAsia be providing any compensation for these items?

Sorry we will not be bearing any costs for the abovementioned, kindly contact your travel insurance provider for assistance regarding the same.

I have a connecting flight on AirAsia or Airasia X. What are the options available?

Move your Air Asia or AirAsia X flight to any other available flight to/from SRG or JOG, a full refund or convert the fares into Credit Shell.

I have a connecting flight on another airline in Kuala Lumpur / Solo. What are the options available?

Please contact your respective airline directly.

Will AA provide compensation for my missed tours, connecting flights, cancellation for hotel bookings or any other of pocket expenses incurred due to this cancellation?

No. Please contact your travel insurance provider for assistance regarding the same

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