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Document AirAsia to Transfer Bangkok Flight Operations to Don Mueang Airport from October 1st, 2012

1.Why is AirAsia transferring its operations to Don Mueang Airport?

Suvarnabhumi Airport is currently the busiest airport in ASEAN which results in air traffic congestion especially during peak hours. We plan to increase our fleet to 48 Airbus A320s from the current 24, and the move to Don Mueang Airport will be able to comfortably accommodate this expansion as well as provide convenience to our guests given the closer proximity to Bangkok City Center.

2. When will AirAsia start operations in Don Mueang?

From 1 October 2012 onwards.

3A. When will I receive my revised itinerary to reflect DMK airport code (Don Mueang) instead of BKK airport code?

For affected guests traveling from October 1 onwards, we will send you your revised itinerary at least one month prior to your departure date.

3B. How do I know which airport in Bangkok my booking is being made for?

DMK will apply to all travel starting from 1 October 2012. Your itineraries and boarding passes will show DMK or BKK so please take note of which airport you will be arriving at or departing from.

4. What assistance will AirAsia be providing for affected guests? 

The following options are available for flights in and out of Bangkok:

(1) Schedule a new flight on the same route: Passengers may reschedule their flight on the same route to a flight taking place either 7 days before or after their original flight date at no additional cost.

(2) Credit Shell: The cost of the flight is converted into credit, which may be used within 90 days of issue. 

Guests who purchased their flights before 26 June 2012, with travel dates from 1 October 2012 onwards will be contacted by our team via email, sms or by phone. Please ensure all your details are up to date in your AirAsia member profile.

If you have any urgent matters you may contact our call centres (Thai Call Center: +66 2 515 9999 Operating Hours: 8am-9pm GMT +7). For further inquiries you can:

- tweet us at Twitter: twitter.com/askairasia

- leave a comment here:
www.facebook.com/airasiathailand OR www.facebook.com/airasia

- chat to us on Live Chat: http://www.airasia.com/sso.php

- submit an Online Feedback Form: http://www.airasia.com/my/en/e-form.page

- contact our other call centers or walk in to our Travel Service Centers, details: http://www.airasia.com/my/en/contact-us/call-centre.page

What documents will I need to provide to obtain credit shell or flight change?

You will qualify for credit shell or flight change if you have a connecting flight to/from Suvarnabhumi with another airline that is not AirAsia. To enable us to prioritse your request and process it as quickly as possible, you will need to provide us with the itinerary or booking confirmation of your connecting flight.

5. Will the transfer affect the schedule of guests who have already booked their flights?

Your flight schedule and times will not be affected. If you are traveling on or after 1 October 2012 the only change will be the airport codes. Your itinerary will be revised and resent to you to reflect new airport code for Don Mueang (DMK) instead of BKK for Bangkok.

Guests who have already made their bookings can continue to follow the timing of their original schedules.

6. What terminal will AirAsia be operating in? Where will I check-in?

All of AirAsia check-in services and administrative offices will be stationed at Don Mueang Airport Terminal 1 from October 1, 2012.

7. How far is Suvarnabhumi from Don Mueang airport?

The distance between the two airports are approximately 45km. Travel time is usually 45 minutes but during peak hours can take up to 1.5-2.0 hours. Make sure you allocate as much time as possible.

8. Will AirAsia be assisting guests in transferring between Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports?

We are pleased to announce that we have been working with Airports of Thailand to offer free shuttle busses for guests to transfer between the two airports. We will notify you of the running schedule of this free shuttle.

There are other options if you so wish, refer to http://www.bangkokairportonline.com/node/56 for more information on Bus Number 554 from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Don Mueang Airport. This service is provided from the Suvarnabhumi Bus Terminal at the Transport Center.

9. How far is Don Mueang airport from Bangkok City Center?

It is about 30 km (19 miles) north of downtown Bangkok. Please refer here for details on transportation to and from Don Mueang airport.


The easiest way to get downtown is by taxi, but be mindful that the journey can take anything from 45 minutes (non-peak hour traffic during the week and weekends) and 1-2 hours (peak hour). The public taxi is arranged to park at provided area within the airport. When passenger request for taxi service by contacting at taxi service counter in front of passenger terminal, the taxi then will drive from the provided area to the terminal to pick up the passenger. Passenger also needs to pay 50 Baht surcharge apart from the taxi fare.

Train Service

A cheaper option is to take a train from Don Mueang Train Station. Don Mueang Railway Station is located about 500 metres from BIA and provides a service to the city, to Hua Lumpong Railway Station where connections can be made to all parts of the country. Trains at Don Mueang Railway Station run from 06.06 a.m. to 20.07 p.m. The fare to Bangkok with an Ordinary Diesel Train is 5THB/person.


There are also a number of public transport buses going by the airport, just follow the signs out toward the train station. Buses towards central Bangkok are at the airport's side of the road, so don't cross the highway.

Regular Bus 

Route 29 Airport - Bangkok Railway Station (Hua Lumpong)

Route 59 Airport - The Emerald Buddha Temple (Sa - Nam - Luang)

Route 95 Airport - Ram-intra Rd.-Ram Khamhang Rd

Air - Conditioned Bus 

Route 4 Airport - Silom Rd.

Route 29 Airport - Victory Monument - Bangkok Railway Station (Hua Lumpong)

Route 10 Airport - Victory Monument - Southern Region Bus Terminal

Route 13 Airport - Sukhumvit Rd. - Eastern Region Bus Terminal

Route 555 Don Mueang International Airport - Suvarnabhumi Airport

10. Will all of Thai AirAsia’s flights operate from Don Mueang Airport?

All (FD, AK, QZ) flights will operate from Don Mueang Airport.

11. What if my trip starts before 1 October 2012 and ends after 1 October 2012?

Example: if you are flying KUL-BKK on 1 August 2012 and your return flight is on 1 December 2012, you will depart from Suvarnabhumi on 1 August but return to Don Mueang on 1 December. However, please note that if you have made a booking before July 27, 2012, your itinerary and our website will still show Suvarnabhumi, but you will receive revised itineraries from 1 August onwards.

12. Will there be changes in Airport Tax?

As much as we would like to set and determine airport taxes and how airports are run to service you better, this is all determined by Airports of Thailand. We merely are responsible for collecting it from our passengers and passing it along in full back to the airport authorities. For more information on Airports of Thailand and to contact them regarding airport taxes and services please submit feedback to them here:

13. How do I get to Tune Hotel Asoke, Bangkok?

We are pleased to note that Tune Hotel Asoke, Bangkok opens on 14 September 2012. Please refer to the site below for more details and the location map. The closest MRT train station is Sukhumvit. The address is is: 7 Sukhumvit Soi 14, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok Thailand 10110



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