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Document Revision of Baggage Prices from 26 June 2012

1. What are the new changes and how does it affect me?

Changes will apply to all tiers of baggage for both domestic and international carriers, except for 25kg baggage. If you purchased your baggage prior to this announcement you will not be required to pay more. Changes to price only apply to purchases occurring after 26 June 2012. For example, if you have already purchased 15kg of baggage online at RM20, after the price revision to RM25 on 26 June, you will not have to pay additional RM5.

2. What happens if I want to upsize my baggage after 26 June 2012?

You will need to pay the difference between what you paid originally and the upsized baggage price. For example, if you purchased 15kg baggage at RM20 with flight before 26 June and wish to upsize your baggage to 30kg at RM60 after 26 June, you will need to top up additional RM40.

3. Can I save more by purchasing baggage online?

You will be able to enjoy discounts up to 50% when you pre-book baggage online.  Did you know that for every 1kg of excess baggage you would be paying RM45? Be smart and save more by booking online now!

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