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Document What is AirAsia asean?

In the words of Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, AirAsia’s Group Chief Executive Officer:

“The establishment of the AirAsia asean office in Jakarta as our regional base is to help to more fully deliver on the pledge of "Now Everyone Can Fly" to all the people of Asean and beyond. We are blessed to be located in a part of the world where economic growth is expected to be sustained despite the chilly economic winds blowing through Europe and the United States. Shifting AirAsia's emphasis to a regional strategy is, we believe, not just good business, but also a move that will keep us ahead of the inevitable competition that is heading our way. But while others focus largely on trying to gain market share in domestic markets, we seek to expand our footprint throughout the region. After all, no single domestic market in Asean, not even Indonesia, can match the potential of a regional Asean market of 600 million people and a combined East Asian market of 2 billion.”

“To avoid any misinterpretation, let me be very clear: AirAsia Malaysia's headquarters is not moving to Jakarta. AirAsia Malaysia is a Malaysian-registered airline, with all its aircraft registered under the Malaysian flag and it is a company listed on Bursa Malaysia. That will not change.” he added further.

AirAsia asean will serve as the "nerve centre" of our regional expansion. It will operate very much like how the Ryanair office in Dublin, Ireland, serves as the strategic planning centre of Europe's largest LCC. Ideally, AirAsia asean will provide us with an environment free of the pressures of day-to-day operations and the necessary "firefighting" that accompanies these endeavours, and allow our senior managers the space, the time and the interaction so vital to keep us flying higher in our second decade. Furthermore, AirAsia asean serves as a representative office for AirAsia in our efforts to broaden our branding as a "Truly Asean" airline and extend our outreach to various groups in the region in regards to aviation and tourism policies within Asean.

As AirAsia grows and expands within the region, and in keeping with our own philosophy of the Asean region as our base, we have found that it is imperative we engage with all parties interested in aviation and tourism throughout the region. Hence, AirAsia asean will also help AirAsia as a Group to engage closely with the governments, civil societies and the media in Asean to promote ideas regarding the growth of the tourism industry and boosting tourism revenues and a re-evaluation of aviation policies in this region we all call home.
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