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Document AirAsia Mobile Site returns from holiday!

Mobile App for iPhone and Android also now available for download!

1. How do I install the new Mobile App?
The new apps would be available at the respective app stores for the platforms – the apps are available worldwide for Apple  and Android phones only. 



Alternatively just search for AirAsia or AirAsia Mobile on the respective app stores.

Japan Google APP Store:


Japan App Store:


The app for Blackberry is currently in development and will be available soon. 

2. What do I do with the old AirAsia App?
Please be advised that this is an entirely new app developed and designed by AirAsia and is different from the previous version of the app.

Please delete the previous app and download the new app from the respective app stores. 

3. What is not available in the new App?
For the First release of the App, these are the features that are currently not available:
a) Flight Status
b) Direct Debit Payments and JCB Card
c) Manage My Booking
d) User Login
e) Fly thru routes
4. What will be available in the new App in future?
AirAsia is committed to ensure its guests have the best experience when booking their flight, with this mind we will be looking to add features such as manage my booking, enhanced payment options etc.

5. What are the payment options currently available?
Currently payments can only be made via credit card. We will be including Direct Debit as a payment option in the near future. For Japan, JCB card is not included yet and we are in the process of including soon in the near future.

6. Will I be able to view promotions from the App?
Promo fares will be able to be booked through our app. However, promo details and information can still be found on airasia.com

7. Will travel guides for other destinations be available on the app?
Currently Malaysia is the only available travel guide, however we will be adding additional travel guides such as Indonesia, Philippines and more accordingly.

8. Who do I contact for support?
There are several channels for AirAsia guests to receive support:
a) Direct support may be channeled to support@tunlabs.asia - this email address is available in the Settings section of the app
b) Live Chat – you must be a member of AirAsia to log in (From 16th March 2012 Live Chat will be operational from 8am till 8pm)
c) Send a message through our e-form
d) Tweet AirAsia at http://twitter.com/AskAirAsia for quick replies to simple inquiries
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