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Document Mandatory 15 kg Baggage for Indonesia Domestic (QZ) Flights - Effective 8 November 2012

How will this affect me?

If you are making a new booking from all sales channels from 8 November 2012 for INDONESIA AIRASIA DOMESTIC (QZ) flights, your booking will include a 15kg checked baggage weight. This will be pre-selected for you, and you will not be able to remove it.

Please note sales channels covers online bookings, bookings made via our sales offices, airport sales counter and AirAsia Travel and Service Centre (ATSC).

Does this apply to all guests?

No, 15kg checked baggage is ONLY included to flight bookings for INDONESIA AIRASIA DOMESTIC flights. .

How much does this inclusive checked baggage of 15kg contribute to the total cost of my booking?

We always place an emphasis on being transparent with our costs. Previously, we charged Rp75, 000 for 15kg prebooked checked baggage. Now, we are only charging Rp40,000 for 15kg prebooked checked baggage which is added to the cost of your booking.

When does this take place?

The 15 kg checked baggage mandatory add-on will come into effect on 8th November 2012 at 0001am Indonesia time (GMT+7). This will be for all bookings made on and after this date/time.

Why is Indonesia AirAsia including checked baggageweight of 15kg for domestic flights?

We have realized that many guests end up paying for baggage at the airport at a higher rate than if they had prebooked it online. To save you cost and make travel cheaper than ever we have now made it a mandatory add-on feature for all domestic travel bookings.

What if I want to prebook more than 15kg?

No worries, just select the weight tier that you require and the system will charge you according to the weight selected. Our prebooked checked baggage weight tiers are 20kg 25kg 30kg 35kg and 40kg. Please note that each item/bag must not weigh more than 32kg. This is for health and safety reasons.

Will this 15kg prebooked checked baggage be clearly stated during the booking process?

Yes most definitely. We always emphasize on ensuring our guests know what they are paying for. The new mandatory checked baggage of 15kg is clearly stated before our guests proceed with the payment.. During the booking process, the ‘Checked Baggage – up to 15kg’option will be pre-selected for you. This option cannot be removed; however, you may choose to increase your checked baggage weight.

The mandatory checked baggage 15 Kg will be for each booking or each guest?

The mandatory checked baggage 15 Kg is imposed on each guest for Indonesia AirAsia Domestic flight (QZ flight). Even if you are traveling in a group, each guest will have the 15kg included in their booking.

Are there changes to the checked baggage fees?

No. The ONLY change is the fee for 15kg for domestic travel which is now cheaper than previously. Please refer to our Fee Schedule at  http://www.airasia.com/my/en/our-fares/fees-and-charges.page?
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