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Document Penang – Hong Kong Route Cancellation Effective 4 March 2013

1. Why did AirAsia decide to terminate this route from Penang – Hong Kong? 

AirAsia has always taken great consideration in deciding the routes and destinations that we service. Unfortunately, due to commercial reasons as well as a realignment of route planning for the Penang hub, the Penang – Hong Kong route has to be suspended indefinitely.

2. When is this cancellation taking place?

The termination of this flight route is effective 4th March 2013. 

3.How about guests who have booked and confirmed their flights? Will they be offered anything? 

Yes, affected guests will have the option of: 

-Move their flights to an earlier date to or from Penang or Hong Kong without any extra charges and subject to availability.

-Re-route their flights from Penang to Kuala Lumpur and from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong or vice versa without any extra charges for the seats.

-Be offered a credit shell for the value that they paid with a validity of 3 months

-Full refund

4.How do I get in touch with AirAsia to facilitate the refund / credit shell / changes due to this route termination? 

Guests will be contacted via email and SMS, as well as phone calls from our pre-flight team to notify them of this route termination as well as the options that are available to them.

5. I haven’t received an SMS or email even though I know my flight is being moved or cancelled. What should I do? 

Please scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on one of the contact channel options (twitter, eform or live chat). You may also view this link to see if there are any of our Travel Service Centers near you: http://www.airasia.com/ot/en/contact-us/airasia-travel-and-service-centres.page

You will need to provide your booking reference number and contact details.

6. Will I get my initial seat selection?

As per our Terms & Conditions you may not get your initial seat selection as your new flight will have a different assignment.

7. Can I change to completely different departure & arrival destinations.

This is not part of our standard service recovery option.

8.How long will the credit shell last for?

Please refer to this link www.airasia.com/ask/template.do?id=253 for information on credit shells, and click here for how to use it.

9. When will I get my refund?

Please refer to this link www.airasia.com/ask/template.do?id=190

10.  What about my hotel reservations / ground transportation / connecting flights / missed tours or any other out of pocket expenses which I have booked?  

Will AirAsia be providing any compensation for these items? 

Our sincere apologies however we will not be bearing any costs for the abovementioned, kindly contact your travel insurance provider for assistance regarding the same. 

11. I have a connecting flight on AirAsia or Airasia X. What are the options available?

Move your AirAsia or AirAsia X flight to any other available flight to/from Penang or Hong Kong, a full refund or convert the fares into Credit Shell. 

12. I have a connecting flight on another airline in Hong Kong / Penang. What are the options available?

Please contact your respective airlines directly to inform and make further arrangements. 

13.Will AA provide compensation for my missed tours, connecting flights, cancellation for hotel bookings or any other of pocket expenses incurred due to this cancellation?

No. Please contact your travel insurance provider for assistance regarding the same. 



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