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Document Can I bring back Zam Zam water with me on AirAsia flights?

For our guests who have recently performed the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimages, the following guidelines apply if you plan to carry Zam Zam water as part of your luggage:

1. Must be checked-in, not hand carried.
2. Each Guest is allowed free carriage of maximum 10 litres of Zam Zam water.
3. Must be held in appropriate containers and packed in plastic covering where the materials are specifically manufactured (anti leakage) and approved by Saudi Authorities to be uplifted by airlines. If not packed as required it will not be accepted for carriage.
4. Guest can check-in at no extra charge, and the weight is separate and not counted as part of any pre-booked baggage weight.
5. If the Zam Zam water carried is more than 10 litres, the excess weight will be charged as excess baggage weight at the counter.

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