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Document NEW Refund Process - Effective 9th August 2013

Effective 9th August, all refund requests must be submitted via an online e-form. Walk-in requests will not be processed.

Guests will no longer be able to request refunds via service centres, sales offices and Guest Services.

E-form can be found on www.airasia.com/ask

These are the refund options available in e-form:
  1. Airport Tax Refund (refund of airport tax for no show passengers, subject to refund processing fees)
  2. Double Charge Refund (guests are charged more than once for the same booking)
  3. Duplicate Booking (two or more of the same booking for one flight)
  4. Flight Cancellation (flights cancelled by AirAsia)
  5. Flight Rescheduling (flights rescheduled by AirAsia for more than 3 hours)

Please see steps below to submit refund request via e-form.


  • Fill in the information required in the e-form (Name, e-mail address, etc.)
  • Select Refund under Case Category


  • Select the refund type as Flight Rescheduling, Flight Cancellation, Airport Tax, Duplicate Booking or Double Payment

  • Fill in Flight details (Booking No, Flight No, Flight date & time)
  • Add attachment if required (e.g. bank statement to prove double payment)
  • Update Feedback column


  • Select booking payment that was used upon booking was made
  • Update bank details if the payment was made by Cash/Direct Debit
  • Tick the small box to confirm
  • Click Submit

Guests can check their refund status via our member portal by providing booking number or case number.

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