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Document Waiver of Counter Check-In fee for domestic flights in Indonesia - Effective 5th August 2013

Effective 5th August 2013, all guests flying on domestic flights (QZ flights) in Indonesia will be exempted from Counter Check-In fee.
1.What is a Counter Check-In fee?
It is a fee payable for those that do not use our self check-in services and checks in at the airport counter.
2.When is AirAsia abolishing this fee?
The fee will be abolished from 5th August 2013 at 0001 hours Indonesia time (GMT+7)
3.I booked my flight before 5th August 2013 for travel on or after this date, will this fee be refunded back to me?
You will not be refunded the Counter Check In Fee for any bookings made before 5th August 2013.
4.Why is this fee non-refundable?
The Counter Check-In fee is clearly stated before guests proceed with payment during flight booking. Our Fee Schedule on our website at www.airasia.com also clearly states the terms and conditions of this fee.
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