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Document Pick A Seat Revision Effective 12 September 2013

1. Why are we revising the Pick A Seat selection & fees?
We are introducing more fee tiers to ensure our guests have more options of comfort when they travel with us. With Pick A Seat, guest is able to select their preferred seat and be guaranteed a seat together with their travelling companions.
2. When will this new revision be effective?
This revision will take effect on Thursday, 12th September 2013, 00:01hours (GMT+8) and it is applicable to new and existing bookings departing from 12 September 2013 onwards.
3. Which airlines are involved in Pick A Seat revision exercise?
This Pick A Seat revision exercise involves flights on Malaysia AirAsia (Airlines code AK), Thai AirAsia (Airline code FD), Indonesia AirAsia (Airline code QZ), and Philippines’ AirAsia (Airlines code PQ).
4. What are the changes to this Pick A Seat revision?
Seat Row New Price Old Price
Hot Seat 1, 12 & 14 RM 40 RM 30
2 - 5 RM 30 RM 30
Standard Seat 6 – 11 RM 10 RM 6
15 – 31 RM 6 RM 6
5. What are the benefits of Hot and Standard seats?
Seat Row Benefits
Hot Seat 1, 12 & 14 Priority boarding & Extra legroom
2 - 5 Priority boarding
Standard Seat 6 – 11 Sit closer at the front for quicker exit
15 – 31 Sit together with friends & family
6. I’ve previously pre-booked Hot/Standard seat, do I need to pay extra?
No. Guests who have pre-booked Hot/Standard seat prior to the revision do not need to pay the fee difference, as long as guests did not re-select the seat. 
7. If I change my flight but my seat selection remains unchanged, will I get charged?
No. Guest will not get charged on Pick A Seat if the seat selection remains the same during flight change.
8. I’ve previously prebooked Hot Seat (2A) at RM30, how much should I pay if I change my seat to 1A?
Guest would need to pay the fee difference of RM10 (RM40 - RM30).
9. Where can I get more information about Pick A Seat?
Please visit http://www.airasia.com/my/en/inflight-comforts/seat-options.page? and view our ‘Fees and Charges’ for the fees.
10. Who can I contact for further inquiries?
Kindly contact our Customer Care team via the icons at the bottom of this page
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