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Document MaXimise your meal and get RM50 OFF your next flight!

MaXimise your pre-booked meals now!
Make your meal complete with a scrumptious dessert and refreshing drink from only RM7.

Offer is valid till 28 February 2014 

Only available on AirAsia X.

What is this offer all about?
For every meal you MaXimise on any AirAsia X flight from now till 28 Feb 2014, you will receive an AirAsia e-Gift Voucher (eGV) worth RM50!

How do I qualify for this offer?
Simply login to your AirAsia member account on our website and MaXimise your pre-booked meals on any of your AirAsia X flights from now till 28 Feb 2014.  Not yet an AirAsia member? Register now at airasia.com.  Travel agent, government, corporate bookings are not qualified for this offer.

Is there a maximum number of e-Gift Vouchers (eGV) that I can receive?
There is no limit to the number of e-Gift Voucher (eGV) that you can receive!  For every pre-booked meal you MaXimise, you will receive one e-Gift Voucher (eGV) worth RM50.

How and when will I receive the e-Gift Voucher (eGV)?
All e-Gift Vouchers (eGV) will be sent to the email registered under your AirAsia member account between 1 Mar 2014 and 30 Apr 2014.

How many e-Gift Vouchers (eGV) can I redeem in a booking?
You can redeem up to six e-Gift Vouchers (eGV) in a single booking. 
For example, if you MaXimise ten meals and receive ten e-Gift Vouchers (eGV), you can only use up to six of them in a single booking.  To utilise the remaining e-Gift Vouchers (eGV), you will need to make an additional booking.

What can I purchase with the e-Gift Voucher (eGV)?
The e-Gift Voucher (eGV) can be redeemed for AirAsia X (D7) flights and add-ons such as baggage, meals, seats and inflight entertainment on airasia.com.  However, e-Gift Vouchers (eGV) are NOT valid for airport tax and fees.

What is the validity of the e-Gift Voucher (eGV)?
The e-Gift Voucher (eGV) is valid for three months from date of issuance.

Is the e-Gift Voucher (eGV) transferable?
No, e-Gift Voucher (eGV) is non-transferable.

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