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What is Indomaret payment option?
Indomaret payment option provides guests the convenience of paying their call centre purchases and/or flight booking in cash at any Indomaret branches in Indonesia.
Can I choose Indomaret option for any online booking or purchases?
No, this option is only available for call centre booking where domestic and international flights departing from Indonesia.
If I choose Indomaret option, can I pay in any currency?
No, payment currency is in Indonesia Rupiah (IDR) only.
Are there any additional charges if I pay via Indomaret?
Yes. To avail of the convenience of paying cash via Indomaret, a service fee of IDR5,000 per transaction will be collected. This amount is collected separately by Indomaret during your payment.
If I am making Fly-Thru booking departing from another city with transit in Indonesia, can I pay via Indomaret?
Yes, as long as the first departing flight is from Indonesia. You are allowed to pay via Indomaret.
If I selected Indomaret during call centre booking but did not proceed with the cash payment, can I make a new booking for the same flight?
Yes, you may do so and pay via other payment options available with us.
If I forgot to write down the payment reference number, how can I retrieve the information so I can proceed with the cash payment?
You may call to our call centre to retrieve your booking details and proceed with payment thereafter..
How much time do I have to make my cash payment via Indomaret option?
You are required to make cash payment within 1 hour from the time as advised by our call centre representative.
How will I get my confirmed e-ticket or flight booking?
After cash payment has been made, your e-ticket will be emailed to your registered email with us.
Can I make partial payment with Indomaret option?
No, you are required to pay the full amount indicated in your booking.
Can I use the payment receipt from Indomaret as an airline ticket for boarding?
No, it is not a valid travel ticket. An itinerary (e-ticket) will be sent to your registered e-mail once the booking is updated with payment complete.
Can I request for refund?
Yes and it will be covered by our existing refund terms & conditions.
If I have paid for a booking via Indomaret, which type of booking payment do I select when requesting for a refund?
Please select ‘Cash’. You will need to provide your bank account details in order for the refund to be processed.
I have booked and paid for my flight via Indomaret, I would now like to add baggage/meals/pick a seat. Can I still add this?
Yes you can, you may go to Manage My Booking on www.airasia.com for these add-ons. However, you won’t be able to pay for these add-ons at the counter or via Indomaret; you will have to pay for these additional online purchases using your credit card online. Please use the booking reference number given in the e-ticket sent to your e-mail.
I want to book a flight for [tomorrow – or in the next 3 days] and want to pay via Indomaret but the option is not available.
Sorry, Indomaret is only available for booking made more than three (3) days before flight departure. However, you may still proceed with your booking and pay via credit card or other payment options as indicated in our website.
I don’t have an existing booking yet, can these Indomaret branches create my reservation?
No, the branches only accept cash payments for those with payment reference number and does not act as a booking channel.
Can I make last minute changes on my booking through Indomaret?
No, you will need to go to Manage My Booking on www.airasia.com to make any changes. Any additional charges will have to be paid online using a credit card. Please use the booking reference number given in the e-ticket sent to your e-mail.

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