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Document BIG Shots’ Day (BIG Priority Access Sales)

1.   How do I know my flight redemption is successful?
A flight redemption confirmation email will be sent to you within 12 hours after your flight redemption. Your AirAsia flight itinerary and booking confirmation emails will  be sent to you as per usual.

2.   Who is eligible for this BIG Priority Access Sale (BIG Shots’ Day)?
All BIG Shots are eligible to redeem flights if they have sufficient BIG Points.

3.   How do I redeem flights?

You can redeem flights by logging in to our
www.airasiabig.com and follow the steps below: -
 1. Click on BIG Points Redemption.
 2. Click on the AirAsia Flight icons below to redeem.
 3. Log in again to redeem your flight.
 For assistance,
 1. Use AskBIG, our online search engine for all your frequently asked questions.
 2. Send us your queries by clicking contact us to launch our web form.

4.   How many BIG points do I need to enjoy this BIG Priority Redemption Promotional Seats?
BIG Shots would be able to access this BIG Priority Access Sales from as low as 0 Point at www.airasiabig.com. If a BIG Shot has less than 500 BIG Points, the BIG Shot can redeem flights up to the BIG Points available balance. BIG Points + Cash option for redemption is not available. If BIG Shot has more than 500 BIG  Points, the BIG Shot can redeem flights from 0 BIG points onwards and may choose the BIG Points + Cash option to redeem  flights (with min of 500 BIG Points).

5.   Will the processing fee be waived if payment made with BIG VISA Prepaid card?
Yes, the processing fee will be waived provided  you have selected the BIG Visa option for 'payment card type'.

6.   Will the processing fee be waived if payment is made via cards other than BIG VISA Prepaid card?
No, processing fee will not be wiaved if payment is made with cards other than BIG VISA Prepaid card.

7.   What should I do if I don't have enough BIG Points for add-ons, for example baggage and meal?
You may proceed to buy the add-ons from Manage My Booking on airasia.com.

8.   Do I have the option to pay for my baggage instead of redeeming it using my BIG points for flights within Indonesia?Document
At this point in time, all baggage can only be redeemed with BIG Points.
Note: For flights redemption on Indonesia domestic flights, BIG Shots can only use BIG Points to exchange for the compulsory luggage fee. Therefore BIG Shots are encourage to convert their points earlier to have sufficient BIG Points for redemption. 

9.   What should I do if I received an error message stating that my  payment failed?
You are advised to log into AirAsia.com and do the following steps.
1. Click on Manage My Booking , and search your flight
2. Search your flight / booking
3. Once your flight details appear, click on modify
4.  proceed to make your payment by clicking the button ‘Need payment’.


10.   I saw a promotion of only 100 BIG Points required for a flight. But why can’t I find this promotional flight when I try to redeem?
We regret to inform that the promotional seats are limited and may have been sold out due to overwhelming demand. However, stay tune for our next exciting promotion.
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