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Document How to upgrade my AirAsia membership to a "Big Shot" (AirAsia BIG Loyalty Membership) status?

Q1: What is this upgrade all about? Is it an upgrade to the BIG Prepaid VISA Card or just related to the loyalty membership?
A: This membership upgrade is only for the loyalty membership (more commonly known as the ‘AirAsia BIG Loyalty Membership’). It is free, comes with no fee so you don’t have to worry about making any payment.
Q2: What should I do if I am not able to log into my AirAsia BIG Loyalty account at http://www.airasiabig.com?
A: Please click on ‘Forget Password’ to reset password in case you are unable to recall your password.
If this does not resolve your enquiry, please contact our Customer Care team via AskBIG at http://www.airasiabig.com for further assistance.
Q3: How does my member profile  work after upgrading my AirAsia membership to AirAsia BIG Loyalty Member?
A: The AirAsia BIG Loyalty Programme is operated by AirAsia’s affiliate, Think Big Digital Sdn Bhd. Thus for customers data privacy reason, AirAsia BIG Loyalty members  profile would be maintained separately by Think BIG.
If you would like to make changes on your AirAsia member profile, you can log into your AirAsia account at http://www.airasia.com, click on ‘My Profile’ and ‘View and Edit My Profile’ for profile editing.
If you would like to make changes on your AirAsia BIG Loyalty member profile, please log into your BIG Shot Portal at http://www.airasiabig.com, click on Personal Details and send us a ‘contact us’ form.

Q4. Where can I find my BIG Shot ID/AirAsia BIG Loyalty Member ID?

It’s simple. You can either:-
1.       Log into your AirAsia member profile at www.airasia.com to check your Member Number or
2.       Log into your BIG Shot portal at http://www.airasia.com by clicking here (include hyperlink) or
3.       Refer to the welcome email that we have sent earlier or
4.       Contact us via AskBIG (include hyperlink)

Refund for Membership Fees
Q1. I’ve previously paid a joining fee for my BIG Loyalty Card membership. Now that the membership for the AirAsia BIG Loyalty Programme is free, how can I get my refund?
Previously, our BIG Loyalty membership comes with a physical card which has your name and your BIG Shot ID on it, i.e. in the form of the BIG Loyalty Card membership. However, the new AirAsia BIG Loyalty  membership is FREE and a “card-less” membership where you will only be provided with an account ID, i.e. the BIG Shot ID for you to quote whenever you make purchases on  or with AirAsia.
Our “card-less” AirAsia BIG Loyalty membership was introduced in 2013, therefore any payment/joining fees paid prior to that date for the BIG Loyalty Card are non-refundable as you have enjoyed the benefits of being an AirAsia BIG Loyalty Member from then until now.
Therefore, we regret to inform that the joining fee that you have paid for your BIG Loyalty Card previously is non-refundable.
Q2: Why was I charged a fee when I signed up for the BIG Prepaid VISA Card not long ago?
A: If you had signed up for BIG Prepaid VISA Card previously, the ‘fee’ you were charged was the  one-time joining fee of RM10 as the BIG Prepaid VISA Card had 2 functions, i.e. as  a payment tool as well as a loyalty points collection tool. The BIG Prepaid VISA Card can be used to make payments at shops and merchants worldwide wherever VISA is accepted. The AirAsia BIG Loyalty Membership however,  does not come with any fee as this is merely a point collection tool and is cardless i.e. just an account with a BIG Shot ID, whereby you do not have to have a physical card to become a member.

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