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Document Self check-in kiosks unavailability at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2) - effective 22nd June 2014

1.      Why is the self check-in kiosk no longer available at klia2?
AirAsia’s native check-in kiosks which is being used throughout all other airports it operates from is integrated with the INTERPOL’s I-Checkit System, where all passports of our guests are screened against the world police body’s Stolen and Lost Travel Documents (SLTD) base. International security and our guests safety is our utmost priority and the usage of the current kiosks at klia2, which are not AirAsia’s native check-in kiosks compromise the safety and security standard we have implemented through the integration of our system with the INTERPOL I-Checkit System.
2.      When does this take effect?
All kiosk check-in at klia2 will no longer be available from 1000hrs (GMT+8) of Sunday, 22 June 2014 onwards.
3.      What are other ways that I can do self check-in apart from the kiosks?
You can conduct Self Check-In via Web or Mobile. Self Check-In is available from 14 days and up to 1 hour prior to departure for all AirAsia flights, and up to 4 hours prior to departure for AirAsia X flights. Baggage drop counters at klia2 opens 3 (three) hours before scheduled time of departure, and closes 1 (one) hour before scheduled time of departure for all international and domestic flights.
4.      What if I have conducted web check-in but did not print / bring the boarding pass to klia2?
Kindly ensure that you select the option to either receive your boarding pass via email or the mobile QR code in your smartphone during web check-in. Should you not be able to print your boarding pass before arriving at klia2, please proceed to any respective check-in counters and present an email copy or your mobile QR code so that our guest service assistants can reprint your boarding pass for you without any extra charges for both domestic and international flights.
5.      What if I have conducted mobile check-in but did not print / bring the boarding pass to klia2?
Kindly present your mobile QR code at any AirAsia check-in counter at klia2 and your boarding pass will be reprinted without any extra charges.
6.      Are there charges for counter check-in?
There is a counter check-in fee of RM10 for domestic flights for those who did not conduct web or mobile check-in.
7.      When will your self check-in kiosks be available again at klia2?
We will continue to work with relevant authorities to implement AirAsia’s native check-in kiosks at klia2 and we will announce accordingly when they will be made available.
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