1. What is Value Pack?

The Value Pack is bundling of a selection of prebook add-ons which the guest can purchase at the time of the initial booking at a discounted rate. These add-ons are 20kg checked baggage, a meal and pick a standard seat.

2. How can I book Value Pack?

Booking steps

a. Select a flight.

b. The Value Pack will be offered once guest selects a flight.

Click on [Add now] to add Value Pack.

c. The Value Pack is added.

d. On the Add-ons page, 20kg checked baggage weight is added to the booking.

• To upsize the checked baggage weight, guest can select the tier that they require and pay the difference.

20kg checked baggage is included. Guest is allowed to upgrade baggage weight by paying baggage fee difference.

e. A meal is included in the Value Pack.

• Guest is able to purchase an extra meal by paying the cost of the second meal.

f. Pick A Seat

• Standard Seat selection is included in Value Pack. (On aircraft A320 all standard

• Guest is allowed to upgrade to Hot Seat by paying a fee difference.

• Guest is also allowed to select seats from rows 6 – 11 by paying a fee difference.