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Only the tastiest flavours make up our varied menu that comprises Asian, international and vegetarian fares to please even the pickiest eaters. Hot or cold, spicy or zesty, the choice is yours.

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    Shepherd’s Pie

    Shepherd's Pie is a tantalizing, all-in-one meal that often graces family meals during the festive season. Our Shepherd’s Pie is a luscious meal of moist, minced chicken and vegetables filling, seasoned with salt, pepper, oregano, thyme and accented with the unique taste of Worcestershire sauce. Baked with a layer of creamy mashed potatoes made more delectable with shredded mozarella and cheddar cheese and a sprinkling of chopped parsley, each mouthful of the pie will remind you of the joys of home cooked food and the anticipation of returning home to celebrate the year-end festivities with your loved ones. 

    Nasi Dagang with Chicken Curry and Dodol

    Rice of all trades! Our Nasi Dagang, specially prepared using our traditional recipe from Terengganu and Kelantan, is served with savoury chicken curry and pickled vegetables. It also comes with the sweet ‘Dodol’, making it a must have for your journey.


    Mee Goreng Mamak + Teh Tarik

    Malaysian Noodle Choice. This Mamak style stir-fried spicy noodles is a delectable mix of Asian noodles, packed with chicken, fish cake slices, bean curd, eggs and cabbage. The meal is garnished with tomatoes, calamansi and chilli slices for an added taste! Teh tarik adds the umpphh  to the meal.


    Roti Canai With Chicken Curry + Teh Tarik

    Do it M'sian Style! One of Malaysia’s favourite breakfast meals, this popular Indian-influenced delicacy is a simple representation of paratha bread, cooked to golden brown with chicken and potato curry on the side. The soft and fluffy texture of the paratha bread will surely put a smile on anyone’s tummy! Be Malaysian enough to have it with teh tarik!


    Martin Yan’s Longevity Noodles + Coca-Cola

    Let’s celebrate the Lunar New year and usher in joy, prosperity and longevity with our irresistible Zhe Jiang-style noodles! Our golden, silky noodles are cooked to perfection, and tossed in a savoury Zhe Jiang-style chicken sauce that provides a tantalising balance of salty, sweet and sour flavours. Chopped shitake mushrooms and both fresh and pickled vegetables make the dish even more memorable, providing a delightful collision of flavours and textures. This meal also comes with a 330ml Coca-Cola.


    Kids' Meal (Mini Chicken Burgers + Ribena)

    Our exciting new chicken burgers come in a pair with two different flavours just for our young travellers! One with mayonnaise and orange cheddar and the other has sweet barbecue sauce with yellow cheddar. Enjoy, kids!


    Tomato Rice with Ayam Percik

    Deliciously fragrant Basmati tomato rice served with succulent char-grilled chicken dipped into peanut sauce (Ayam Percik) and stir fried cabbage that will definitely satisfy your hunger.


    Chicken Satay Wrap

    Wholesome and superbly tasty! Filled with juicy grilled chicken satay and crunchy vegetables, this wrap is served together with its best complement, a spicy peanut sauce to complete the meal.


    Vegetable Pasta with Roast Chicken

    Indulge in our healthy yet scrumptious vegetable pasta. Fusilli pasta tossed with broccoli, brinjal, zucchini, red capsicum, cherry tomatoes, black olives and tender marinated roast chicken breast pieces. It is then lightly seasoned with herbs, garlic, olive oil and a touch of chilli flakes for that complete and balanced meal.


    Roast Chicken with Cream Sauce

    A splendid combination of marinated roast chicken served with thick creamy sauce, complemented with a generous side of buttered carrots, pumpkin, broccoli and roasted potatoes that are seasoned to perfection!


    Ginger Fried Rice with Vegetarian Chicken (V)

    Vegetarian Fried Rice, spiced up with fragrant ginger. Complemented with succulent stewed vegetarian chicken.


    Vegetable Briyani (V)

    Rich in spices yet low on the heat factor, this mild potato and carrot curry will leave you wanting for more. The combination of the Vegetable Subji, Channa Masala and the flavourful Briyani rice is exactly what you need to warm you up on a chilly day.


    Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak

    A traditional Malaysian favourite fragrant coconut rice served with Pak Nasser's special chilli sambal and tender chicken rendang, accompanied with traditional condiments of fried anchovies, crunchy groundnuts and half of a hard-boiled egg.


    Chicken Rice

    A Chinese Malaysian favourite of fluffy seasoned rice served with roast chicken and accompanied with Uncle Chin's special secret chilli, ginger and garlic sauce.

    Bukhara Chicken Briyani

    Chicken tender cooked in Bukhara hot and spicy sauce served with aromatic basmati rice with an authentic blend of selected spices exclusively made to give you that tantalizing taste.


    More about pre-book meal terms & conditions

    1. Meal selections are subject to variation from time to time. Food may contain nuts, gluten, seafood, eggs or dairy.
    2. The provision of In Flight products or services, advertised program or meals is subject to availability.
    3. Pre-book meals are not available if bookings are made 24 hours before departure time.
    4. Changes to pre-booked meals may only be done more than 24 hours prior to flight departure time. Guests must pay the price difference if the price of the new meal booked is higher than original meal paid.
    5. The boarding pass is proof of purchase of a pre-booked meal and must be presented to the cabin crew onboard to redeem the pre-booked meal. No other form of redemption will be entertained.
    6. AirAsia reserves the right to substitute any component of a pre-booked meal or change the recipe or specifications of a pre-booked meal. AirAsia will endeavour to provide the value of any pre-booked meal that has been changed to be similar to that of the original purchased