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Direct flights to Makassar, Indonesia

Flights from Indonesia Airports
From Surabaya to Makassar (SUB to UPG)
From Jakarta to Makassar (CGK to UPG)
From Balikpapan to Makassar (BPN to UPG)
From Manado to Makassar (MDC to UPG)
From Bali to Makassar (DPS to UPG)

Flights from Malaysia Airports
From Kuala Lumpur to Makassar (KUL to UPG)
From Kota Kinabalu to Makassar (BKI to UPG)

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Book Air Tickets to Makassar with AirAsia - Cheap Airfare to Makassar starts from Rp 349,000
Departing Arriving All-in-fare from  
From Surabaya to Makassar Rp 399,000 Book now
From Jakarta to Makassar Rp 491,000 Book now
From Kuala Lumpur to Makassar RM 264.00 Book now
From Kota Kinabalu to Makassar RM 216.00 Book now
From Balikpapan to Makassar Rp 349,000 Book now
From Manado to Makassar Rp 559,000 Book now
From Bali to Makassar Rp 399,000 Book now

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Makassar is sunshine heaven on earth, with an abundance of surfing, diving and beach activities set against a splendid backdrop of turquoise blue inviting waters. As the largest city in Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island, the locals (Bugis and Makassar) hold up their strong traditions of seafaring and shipbuilding, with much fierce passion and determination. Beautiful islands and beaches like Spermonde (Sangkarang), Bira, Losari, Selayar and Takabonerate with incredible marine life are perfect for divers and snorkellers. In the highlands, the Torajans maintain their elaborate life customs Rambu Tuka' and death celebration Rambu Solo' with breathtaking valleys as the backdrop. Discover Makassar's history by visiting Fort Somba Opu, Fort Rotterdam, Balla Lompoa and Tamalete Palace. Also worth to discover is their cuisine, with tasty fares such as coto Makassar, pallu basa and pisang ijo to satisfy your hunger. Natural attractions within Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park, Leang-leang Prehistoric Park and Lake Tempe are the places for one to meet endemic species of Sulawesi.

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