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  • Prambanan-Yogyakarta-Indonesia Prambanan-Yogyakarta-Indonesia

    Eye on Indonesia

    Indonesia is a place of limitless excitement. The country offers an environment as diverse as its people – a population of over 300 ethnic groups scattered over 17,500 islands across the equator between the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

    Words: Efi Hafizah Hamzah

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  • its play time_preview its play time_preview

    It’s Play Time!

    From retail therapy at the trendiest malls across Asia to some of the best sporting activities this side of the planet, AirAsia brings you the best of shopping and sports within its network of destinations. Here’s how you can indulge in some of the most exciting activities around while saving big on baggage and sporting equipment.

    Words: Adli Syahril

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  • bloom_preview bloom_preview

    In Full Bloom

    Heralding the arrival of spring, cherry blossoms put on a dazzling display that not only celebrates the glory of nature, but in true Japanese fashion, represent also the transient nature of all living things.

    Words: Steve John Powell Photography: Angeles Marin

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  • M M

    Soul of Sydney

    Sydney doesn’t need any introductions but dig a little deeper and you’ll discover a whole new world waiting to be explored and experienced. Here’s our little Insider Guide to the city that often makes it to the World’s Top 10 Most Desirable Cities to Live in. 

    Words & Photography: Magda Biskup

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  • ADAMLEE_20120202_9999_131 preview ADAMLEE_20120202_9999_131 preview

    Dawn of the Dragon

    A symbol of power, strength, wisdom and growth, the dragon is the perfect creature from the Chinese zodiac to adorn AirAsia’s 100th Airbus A320. In conjunction with the 2012 Chinese New Year celebration that also heralds the Year of the Dragon, AirAsia welcomes this mythical creature that is said to bring good fortune, joy and prosperity wherever it goes.

    Images: Adam Lee

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  • P P

    The Greatest Love Stories From Around The World

    In honour of Valentine’s Day this month, take a trip around the world with love stories that inspire, captivate and enthrall.

    Words: Shantini Suntharajah Illustration: Tim Lai

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  • Dragon-Drum_Web Dragon-Drum_Web

    Enter the Dragon

    The dawn of Chinese New Year 2012 also marks the start of the auspicious Year of the Dragon. With a rich history that intertwines royalty, ritual and religion, the mythical dragons of Asia have long been revered as symbols of courage, power and wisdom.

    Words: Shantini Suntharajah

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