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  • Ken Yang Sakura drawing Ken Yang Sakura drawing

    Ken Yang

    Paris-based Malaysian artist Ken Yang talks about his love for creating art and the burgeoning Asian art scene.

    Compiled By: Chitra Santhinathan

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  • George Calombaris George Calombaris

    George Calombaris

    MasterChef Australia judge, restaurateur and cookbook author – George Calombaris wears many hats! The chef, who was only 24 when he won ‘Young Chef of the Year’ in The Age Good Food Guide, continues to win accolades for his creative cuisine. Here, Calombaris spills the beans on what makes a top chef and tells travel 3Sixty° who wears the chef’s whites at home.

    Compiled By: Chitra Santhinathan Images: Lifetime

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  • Mary Hutton-Free the Bears Fund Mary Hutton-Free the Bears Fund

    Mary Hutton

    A TV programme on the mistreatment of bears drove Mary Hutton to get off her couch and make a difference, which eventually led to the establishment of Free the Bears Fund, an organisation that has rescued over 800 bears from abuse and slaughter. Hutton tells travel 3Sixty° how she went from suburban grandmother to saviour of bears.

    Compiled By: Chitra Santhinathan  Images: Free The Bears/Peter Yuen

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  • Meiji Jingu, Tokyo, Japan by Hazhen Meiji Jingu, Tokyo, Japan by Hazhen


    Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder as a toddler, Hanzhen learnt to recognise words by illustrating everyday objects with the help of his architect parents. It wasn’t long before his parents discovered that their son was able to sketch whatever he saw in incredible detail. The 16-year-old autistic savant* from Malaysia has since won an award and several commissions for his work. Hanzhen shares his aspirations and passion for art with travel 3sixty°.

    Compiled By: Chitra Santhinathan

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  • Camaraderie-young-monks-walk-towards-a-monastery-for-morning-prayer-Mandalay Camaraderie-young-monks-walk-towards-a-monastery-for-morning-prayer-Mandalay

    Sarika Gupta

    Using only her iPhone, Australian medic Sarika Gupta captured moving portraits of the people she encountered during voluntary clinical placements in India, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea. The Sydney native shares her love of medicine and art with travel 3Sixty° and talks to us about her first solo exhibition.

    Compiled By: Chitra Santhinathan Images: Sarika Gupta

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  • Shila Amzah (4) Shila Amzah (4)

    Shila Amzah

    After winning the Asian Wave 2012 Competition, a singing competition held in China featuring Asian contestants, 24-year-old Shila Amzah became an overnight sensation. The Malaysian singer-songwriter tells travel 3Sixty° how she became a recognisable face in China. 

    Compiled By: Chitra Santhinathan

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  • Jason Pomeroy Jason Pomeroy

    Jason Pomeroy

    Fresh from hosting City Time Traveller, a 12-part architectural travel series that recently aired on Channel NewsAsia, award-winning Singapore-based eco architect Jason Pomeroy shares with travel 3Sixty° the inspiration behind his love of design, his favourite project and what cities may look like in the future.

    Compiled By: Chitra Santhinathan  Images: Pomeroy Studio Pte Ltd

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