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  • Baby Jim Aditya - preview_thumb Baby Jim Aditya - preview_thumb

    Baby Jim Aditya

    Passionate about the fight against HIV/AIDS, DJ-turned-activist Baby Jim Aditya has lived with sex workers in red-light districts in an effort to educate them on HIV/AIDS, visited prisons to teach inmates about the dangers of used needles and unprotected sex, and challenged deep rooted prejudices in her country’s patriarchal society. Here, she tells us why she believes attitudes have to change.

    Compiled by Chitra S

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  • Rajan Datar Rajan Datar

    Rajan Datar

    In the course of presenting the travel show fast:track on BBC World News, Rajan Datar has abseiled with garbage collectors in the favelas of Rio, done loop the loops in a WWII biplane and bathed a grown tiger! The award-winning journalist talks travel and adrenaline.

    Compiled by Chitra S. 

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  • Feature Image Jo Kukathas Feature Image Jo Kukathas

    Jo Kukathas

    A force to be reckoned with both on and off stage, actor/writer/director/producer Jo Kukathas is dedicated to the promotion and proliferation of the arts. The artistic director of Kuala Lumpur’s The Instant Café Theatre Company talks to Travel 3Sixty° about her latest role and her hopes for Malaysian theatre.

    Compiled by Chitra S

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  • Bobby Chinn Bobby Chinn

    Bobby Chinn

    Born in New Zealand to a Chinese father and Egyptian mother, and schooled in the UK and the US, Bobby Chinn was exposed to different cuisines and cultures from a young age. Passionate about good food, this boyishly charming chef, restaurateur, author and award-winning TV presenter shares his culinary journey with Travel 3Sixty° and reveals the one dish he’d whip up to melt a woman’s heart!

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  • The Impatient Sisters The Impatient Sisters

    The Impatient Sisters

    Malaysian indie music darlings Soraya, Nazeera and Irena Taib may hail from a small town but they definitely pack a big punch. Calling themselves The Impatient Sisters, the siblings are rising stars in the indie music scene with their beautiful harmonies and sweet yet edgy music. The sisters share their journey thus far with Travel 3Sixty°.

    Compiled by: Chitra S

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  • Timothy-Sangawa-preview Timothy-Sangawa-preview

    Timothy Sangawa

    It’s easy to see why girls go weak in the knees in the presence of Timothy Sangawa. Of Japanese and English descent, Sangawa is the host of The Link on lifestyle channel Life Inspired (Li TV). This former shipping firm broker’s big break came when he was spotted by a model scout in Singapore. Sangawa talks about his transition from the corporate world to the entertainment business and tells us what makes his job so fascinating.

    Compiled by: Chitra S.

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  • Kavin Jay & Rizal Van Geyzer-preview Kavin Jay & Rizal Van Geyzer-preview

    Kavin Jay & Rizal Van Geyzel

    Familiar faces in Malaysia’s comedy circuit, funnymen Kavin Jay and Rizal Van Geyzel are paving the way for aspiring comedians with One Mic Stand, an open mic night for emerging artists to hone their craft. Find out what makes them laugh, how they became comedians and their aspirations for stand-up comedy in Malaysia.

    Compiled by: Chitra S.

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