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    A Realm Of Healing

    The surging popularity in alternative and complementary therapies reflects a desire for more natural things in life. While the clinical efficacy of these treatments is still being debated, one thing is for sure: There is a difference between ‘alternative therapies’ and ‘complementary therapies’ – the former replaces mainstream medical treatment, while the latter acts as a support. Some are fairly safe and natural, but others can be quite invasive and may worsen your condition. Always check with your doctor or healthcare professional on the safety of opting for these methods. 

    Words: Efi Eqbal 

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  • private pool (2) private pool (2)

    Frolicking In Eden

    With a name like Kebun Villas & Resort (kebun means garden in the local language), I was expecting a property surrounded by greenery, but nothing prepared me for the lush Eden of tangled vines, blushing frangipani and fiery red heliconias that awaited me and my partner.

    Words: Beverly Rodrigues 

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  • Roti-Canai-with-Chicken-Curry Roti-Canai-with-Chicken-Curry

    Green With Goodness

    From controversial greens to greens that slay garlic breath, and going green for St Patrick’s Day, it’s time to paint your meals green!

    Words: R. Rajendra 

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  • Sunset View From Salza Resto& Kamana Infinity Pool 2 Sunset View From Salza Resto& Kamana Infinity Pool 2

    Stairway To Heaven

    A property christened svarga, the Sanskrit word for heaven, certainly invites comparison to all things paradisiacal. Fortunately, far from being simply the lofty ambitions of its owner, Svarga Resort Lombok does have an ethereal quality about it. A collection of 25 villas nestled against a hill slope along the main tourist stretch of Senggigi, the resort is flanked by coconut groves and is a haven for those seeking a quiet retreat on their island holiday.

    Words: Chitra Santhinathan 

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  • Jathilan dancers Jathilan dancers

    The Mystique Of Javanism

    Steeped in myths, legends, ancient traditions and mystical practices, Javanism is a fascinating study on centuries’ old rituals that continue to govern the lives of the people of Java. 

    Words: Travel 3Sixty° Editorial, Aditya Suryaputra & Gembong Nusantara             Photography: Gembong Nusantara

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  • Narmada Ocean View Suite -Guest Room Narmada Ocean View Suite -Guest Room

    Lure Of Lombok

    Pristine beyond words, Lombok is literally a piece of paradise and the resorts here amplify the experience with their stunning settings and incomparable hospitality.

    Words: R. Rajendra 

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  • Kathakali performers Kathakali performers

    Kochi Calling

    Regarded as the Queen of the Arabian Sea due to its enviable location on the Malabar Coast, the port city of Kochi (formerly Cochin) in the Indian state of Kerala once attracted Arabs, Phoenicians, Portuguese, Dutch and English traders, who were lured by the lucrative spice trade. From its heritage buildings that tell of a storied past to culinary traditions that meld East and West, Kochi is a charm to explore, as photojournalist Adam Lee discovers.

    Words: Chitra Santhinathan    Photography: Adam Lee & Beverly Rodrigues 

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