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  • David Williams Workshop Navutu David Williams Workshop Navutu

    Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa

    If there’s one word to describe Siem Reap, it’d have to be laid-back. Low skylines allow the eye to roam towards the horizon, and the easy-going nature of the locals makes for a great retreat from the hectic city life. It is against this calming backdrop that the Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa is located. Tucked away in a quiet corner of Siem Reap, Navutu Dreams is effectively a retreat within a retreat.

    Words: Stuart Danker

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  • Sokha Angkor Resort pool Sokha Angkor Resort pool

    Sokha Angkor Resort

    My travelling companion and I arrived at the Sokha Angkor Resort just as I’d finished freshening up with a cold towel that was offered by my driver. In that quick 10-minute drive down Airport Road to the resort, I was transported to the French colonial days of Cambodia.

    Words: Abby Yao

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  • Lobby-Paradise-Garden-Resort-Hotel-Convention-Center-Boracay Lobby-Paradise-Garden-Resort-Hotel-Convention-Center-Boracay

    Paradise Garden Resort Hotel & Convention Center Boracay

    It took three hours – by bus, boat and car – to get from Kalibo airport to the Paradise Garden Resort Hotel in Boracay. So, when I finally caught a glimpse of my resort, I was more than ready to be checked-in. Fortunately, the front desk staff was prompt and the whole process was completed within minutes of stepping into the lobby. As I was ushered to my room, hotel employees took time off their duties to wish me a good day. Some even made small talk, alleviating the boredom that often comes with travelling solo.

    Words: Stuart Danker 

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  • Le Soleil de Boracay, Philippines Le Soleil de Boracay, Philippines

    Le Soleil de Boracay

    When I read that Le Soleil de Boracay was steps away from Boracay’s White Beach, I envisioned a property with beach access. I was, however, proven wrong on a recent trip to the hotel. I discovered to my surprise that this hotel was situated right on the beach. In fact, my driver and I had to get off at an alley close by and make the rest of the journey (about a two minute walk) on foot, as motorised vehicles were not allowed on the beach.

    Words: Chitra Santhinathan

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  • Red Coconut Beach Hotel, Boracay, Philippines Red Coconut Beach Hotel, Boracay, Philippines

    Red Coconut Beach Hotel

    Arriving at the Red Coconut Beach Hotel, I was delighted to learn of its prime location in the heart of Boracay’s White Beach, within walking distance of the most happening entertainment hubs, restaurants with the freshest seafood and shopping attractions.

    Words: Ari Fajar

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  • Beachfront restaurant, Henann Lagoon Resort, Boracay, Philippines (2) Beachfront restaurant, Henann Lagoon Resort, Boracay, Philippines (2)

    Henann Lagoon Resort

    Having flown from Kuala Lumpur to Kalibo, bounced along Aklan’s country roads in a bus for two hours to get to Caticlan jetty, and then, taken a speedboat to the island, I was relieved when I finally arrived at Henann Lagoon Resort.

    Words: Beverly Rodrigues

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    Hotel Penaga

    Stepping into the Hotel Penaga, I couldn’t help but be enchanted by the harmonious union of traditional and contemporary decor displayed in the small but tasteful lobby. The hotel itself is exquisitely decorated with modern Chinese artwork, as well as original contemporary pieces from across Southeast Asia and Australia.

    Words: Gregory Basil

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