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    苏津蔚Helen Soh 到上海探望妹妹,顺便到处走走,她发现,来到上海,没有周详的行程规划,也能找到自己喜欢的景点,就算有周详的行程安排,上海也能给你意外的惊喜!

    文字&摄影:苏津蔚 Helen Soh

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    7 Philippine Islands You Must Visit Before You Die

    As central Philippines recovers from the devastation of Super Typhoon Haiyan, many of the nation’s 7,107 islands are ready to receive visitors. The monsoon season has come to a close, making now the ideal time for a beach getaway. Help kickstart the local economy by turning up on these shores. No two islands are the same in this archipelago, so here are 7 to get you started on your holiday planning.

    Compiled by Abby Yao

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  • Classic Thai Mango Sticky Rice Dessert Classic Thai Mango Sticky Rice Dessert

    Great Eats of Thailand

    The weather in Thailand may be scorching, yet the true ‘heat’ of the country comes from its spicy (and some not so spicy) local dishes. Eating in Thailand is an exhilarating experience – both for the palate and your appetite. For an unforgettable gastronomical adventure, here is a list of Top 10 dishes for when you’re looking to eat your way through Thailand.

    By: Ellyse Ng

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  • Pinang Peranakan Mansion by Abby Yao featured image Pinang Peranakan Mansion by Abby Yao featured image

    The Peranakan Connection

    Beyond beautiful sarong kebaya and colourful shophouses, the Peranakan heritage is the unseen thread that binds Southeast Asian nations together. We asked our writer Ari about his fascination with the subject and he shared what he discovered on his travels around the region.

    Words by Ari Fajar

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  • Shooting locations in Manila Shooting locations in Manila

    Hollywood Movies Shot in Asia

    When Chris Hemsworth aka Thor aka Every-Girl’s-Dream-Come-True was in Asia lately for the filming of Michael Mann’s movie, fans traversed from Hong Kong to Singapore to Malaysia chasing after the chiselled Adonis for a glimpse of him. Asia is fast becoming filming hotspots for blockbuster movies, so it’s no surprise that Asia is deemed to be the next ‘Hollywood’. Get your popcorns ready for our favourite movie spots in Asia!

    Words by:  Shafiqah Shafie

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    Tips on Surviving the Big Bad Wolf Sale [Updated 15:00 PM, 06 December 2013]

    When the world’s biggest book sale is in town, the Travel 3Sixty team braves through crowds (and inevitable drowsiness) to stock up on the team’s personal libraries. Here are some tips that will hopefully make your book-browsing experience a good one!

     By ‘the monkeys of Travel 3Sixty Digital’

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