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  • Feature Image KL Consumed Feature Image KL Consumed

    KL Consumed

    Kuala Lumpur (aka KL), the capital city of Malaysia, is a huge melting pot of people, cultures and cuisine. From Malay, Chinese, Indian and regional cuisines to international offerings that experiment with local flavours, eating here is a national obsession, and food is cheap too! Street fare is hugely popular and eating out into the wee hours of the night is the norm. While most others stop with breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner, city folks continue their love affair with food with supper and maybe even a late night bite before finally retiring for the day. It is a consuming affair but one that everyone does with great relish! Here’s a quick roundup of the city’s popular enclaves that are popular with the locals.

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  • Disappearing-Act-preview Disappearing-Act-preview

    Disappearing Act

    A colourful phenomenon that has entertained generations of Indians is slowly dying out.

    Words: Farheen Ali Photography: Adeel Halim

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  • lombok lombok

    Locks in Lombok

    On Lombok’s Kuta beach, the locals celebrate an age-old legend by harvesting marine worms that are believed to be the magical manifestation of a princess’ locks.

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  • Tasmania-preview Tasmania-preview


    Australia’s smallest state enchants with its raw, natural beauty and island vibe.

    Words: Chitra S. Photography: Adam Lee 

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  • Nations In Bloom Nations In Bloom

    Nations In Bloom

    More than just pretty plants, flowers are scented symbols with stories of their own. Here, we explore the fascinating symbolism behind national flowers from some of the countries AirAsia flies to.

    Words: Shantini Suntharajah Images: Inmagine

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  • Art-Rageous Sydney Art-Rageous Sydney

    Art-Rageous Sydney

    From the galleries to the streets, Sydney’s dynamic art scene explodes with quirkiness and a life of its own.

    Words: Beverly Rodrigues Photography: Affandi Abd Hamid/FND 

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  • Big Eat in Taipei - preview Big Eat in Taipei - preview

    Big Eat in Taipei

    A hungry traveller embarks on a neverending buffet of Taiwanese delights that make for an adventure good for both the tummy and the soul. 

    Words: Ellyse Ng Photography: Adam Lee 

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