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  • Jetsetter-Farah-Quinn-chef-inflight-meal-Air-Asia-AirAsia-Travel-3Sixty-Travel360 Jetsetter-Farah-Quinn-chef-inflight-meal-Air-Asia-AirAsia-Travel-3Sixty-Travel360

    Farah Quinn

    Bubbly, vivacious and with a penchant for whipping up great eats, this celebrity chef is a one-woman ambassador for Indonesian cuisine. The petite host of the Asian Food Channel’s Ala Chef and The Big Break, dishes on her passion for good food and recent collaboration with AirAsia as an in-flight meal ambassador.

    Compiled by: Chitra S.

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  • Paul-Ogata-WhySoSerious-AirAsia-Air-Asia-Travel3Sixty-Travel-360 Paul-Ogata-WhySoSerious-AirAsia-Air-Asia-Travel3Sixty-Travel-360

    Paul Ogata

    While kids of his age in his neighbourhood were out playing, Paul Ogata stayed indoors, listening to comedy records and fine-tuning his humour.

    Compiled by: Chitra S

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  • Copy of Nadya Hutagalung_2 Copy of Nadya Hutagalung_2

    Nadya Hutagalung

    Blessed with cover girl good looks, Asia’s Next Top Model host Nadya Hutagalung has spent more than half her life in front of the camera.

    Compiled by: Chitra S  Images: Ice-TV Group

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  • Hatsune-Miku-Jetsetter-AirAsia-Air Asia-Travel 3Sixty-preview Hatsune-Miku-Jetsetter-AirAsia-Air Asia-Travel 3Sixty-preview

    Hatsune Miku

    To date, her hit song – World is Mine – has received more than 16 million hits on YouTube. She has appeared in a TV commercial for Toyota, which aired in the US. She is the star of her very own video game – Project DIVA and her concerts are often sold out. It’s hard to think of her as anything but human, but the hugely popular Hatsune Miku is a virtual creation, and very unlike you and me. The face of Vocaloid 2, a singing synthesizer application first developed by Yamaha, Miku is a virtual pop star with a fan base that can rival Justin Bieber’s Beliebers. Her creators, Crypton Future Media, explain the inspiration behind her birth, and what the future holds for virtual stars like Miku.

    Compiled by: Kota Suzuki & Chitra S

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  • Tony Eusoff-Aaron Khaled-La Cage Aux Folles-W!ld Rice-Singapore-AirAsia-Air Asia-Travel 3Sixty_preview Tony Eusoff-Aaron Khaled-La Cage Aux Folles-W!ld Rice-Singapore-AirAsia-Air Asia-Travel 3Sixty_preview

    Tony Eusoff & Aaron Khaled

    This month, we sit down with thespians Tony Eusoff (TE) and Aaron Khaled (AK) who play father and son in the Singaporean production of La Cage Aux Folles, one of Broadway’s best-loved hits. This funny yet heartwarming tale of family bonds put to the test revolves around what happens when John (Khaled), introduces his fiancée and her conservative family to his father George (Eusoff), a gay man who runs the La Cage Aux Folles nightclub with his larger-than-life partner.

    Compiled by: Chitra S

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  • Somaly mam_preview Somaly mam_preview

    Somaly Mam

    She grew up in abject poverty under the Khmer Rouge regime, was sold into sexual slavery when she was just a child, and endured torture and rape in Phnom Penh brothels, until she escaped with the help of a foreign aid worker. Instead of distancing herself from the past, Somaly Mam set up AFESIP (Acting for Women in Distressing Situations), an organisation that helps victims of sexual slavery empower themselves and regain their dignity. Mam shares with us her hopes and dreams for the future, and tells us what keeps her going.

    Compiled by: Chitra S Images: Courtesy of AFESIP

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  • khoo swee chiow_preview khoo swee chiow_preview

    Khoo Swee Chiow

    From Scotland’s Ben Nevis to Mt. Cook in New Zealand, Mt Damavand in Iran to the spectacular Mt. Everest, no mountain proved high enough for adventurer Khoo Swee Chiow, who scaled eight peaks in just as many months as part of the AirAsia Altitude-X Expedition. The father of two speaks to us about his love for majestic peaks and what sparked his passion for mountaineering.

    Compiled by: Chitra S Images: Khoo Swee Chiow

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