• lombok

    Locks in Lombok

    On Lombok’s Kuta beach, the locals celebrate an age-old legend by harvesting marine worms that are believed to be the magical manifestation of a princess’ locks.

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  • Shanghai Rising - preview

    Shanghai Rising

    A financial powerhouse, city of arts and culture and, a bustling metropolis, Shanghai is an amazing blend of the old and new that proudly showcases its economic juggernaut status.

    Photography: Yuanchang Wang

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  • Tasmania-preview


    Australia’s smallest state enchants with its raw, natural beauty and island vibe.

    Words: Chitra S. Photography: Adam Lee 

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  • Unearthing Historical Structures-preview

    Unearthing Historical Structures

    To truly appreciate historical sites, travellers need to move beyond merely soaking up beauty, and dig deeper to understand the motivation behind their creation. Here, we ‘excavate’ interesting facts on some of the world’s most amazing UNESCO world heritage sites.

    Words: Efi Hafizah Hamzah

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  • fuelforthough_preview

    Fuel For Thought

    Will pumping jet fuel into your car make it fly like a Formula One race car (or plane)? In this issue, Captain Lim Khoy Hing dissects the issue of fuel. 

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  • Nations In Bloom

    Nations In Bloom

    More than just pretty plants, flowers are scented symbols with stories of their own. Here, we explore the fascinating symbolism behind national flowers from some of the countries AirAsia flies to.

    Words: Shantini Suntharajah Images: Inmagine

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  • The Impatient Sisters

    The Impatient Sisters

    Malaysian indie music darlings Soraya, Nazeera and Irena Taib may hail from a small town but they definitely pack a big punch. Calling themselves The Impatient Sisters, the siblings are rising stars in the indie music scene with their beautiful harmonies and sweet yet edgy music. The sisters share their journey thus far with Travel 3Sixty°.

    Compiled by: Chitra S

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