• Food-For-Thought-preview

    Food For Thought

    Ever wondered what umami is or how to get rid of garlic odours? Read on for yet another instalment of foodie news and trivia in this month’s issue of Travel 3Sixty°.

    Words: Wilson Ng

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  • Big Eat in Taipei - preview

    Big Eat in Taipei

    A hungry traveller embarks on a neverending buffet of Taiwanese delights that make for an adventure good for both the tummy and the soul. 

    Words: Ellyse Ng Photography: Adam Lee 

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  • Perilously Dark Passionately White-preview

    Perilously Dark Passionately White

    Northern Thailand’s Lanna heritage, art and architecture are traditionally depicted in a spicy colour palette. However, portraying their unique interpretations of heaven and hell, two of Chiang Rai’s famous artistic sons have dramatically flipped the switch to mono.

    Words: Carol West Photography: Robert Muir 

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  • Kochi

    Top Of The List

    Every city, every town you visit is bound to have a selection of must-sees, must dos. But often, travellers are forced to pick and choose due to time constraints. Here is our list of places you simply cannot miss when visiting these cities.

    Words: Efi Hafizah Hamzah

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  • Depth of Devotion

    Depth of Devotion

    Celebrated on a grand scale in Malaysia and other countries with sizeable Tamil speaking communities, Thaipusam showcases religious fervour. Above that, devotees elevate the concept of ‘mind-over-matter’ to lofty heights where pain and fear become meaningless in the face of devotion.

    Words & Photography: Magda Biskup

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  • Flavours of the World

    Flavours of the World

    From Japanese fine dining in Singapore to a Cambodian dish popular in Vietnam, food does unite the world!

    Words: Wilson Ng

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  • Kavin Jay & Rizal Van Geyzer-preview

    Kavin Jay & Rizal Van Geyzel

    Familiar faces in Malaysia’s comedy circuit, funnymen Kavin Jay and Rizal Van Geyzel are paving the way for aspiring comedians with One Mic Stand, an open mic night for emerging artists to hone their craft. Find out what makes them laugh, how they became comedians and their aspirations for stand-up comedy in Malaysia.

    Compiled by: Chitra S.

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