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    Icons of Nippon

    From leading technologies to jazzy fashions, Japan has been dominating the world stage from the middle of the 20th century. From hallowed customs and practices that have been refined over centuries to quirky and even bizarre expressions of mod culture, the charm of Nippon will last an eternity.

    Words: Efi Hafizah Hamzah

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  • Fukuoka-Tower-Kyushu-Japan-AirAsia-Air Asia-Travel 3Sixty

    Gateway to Kyushu

    Fukuoka, in the north of Kyushu Island, serves as a gateway to exploring this magnificent region with its lush green spaces, rich heritage and metropolitan vibe.

    Words: Beverly Rodrigues  Images: Japan National Tourism Organisation

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  • Hatsune-Miku-Jetsetter-AirAsia-Air Asia-Travel 3Sixty-preview

    Hatsune Miku

    To date, her hit song – World is Mine – has received more than 16 million hits on YouTube. She has appeared in a TV commercial for Toyota, which aired in the US. She is the star of her very own video game – Project DIVA and her concerts are often sold out. It’s hard to think of her as anything but human, but the hugely popular Hatsune Miku is a virtual creation, and very unlike you and me. The face of Vocaloid 2, a singing synthesizer application first developed by Yamaha, Miku is a virtual pop star with a fan base that can rival Justin Bieber’s Beliebers. Her creators, Crypton Future Media, explain the inspiration behind her birth, and what the future holds for virtual stars like Miku.

    Compiled by: Kota Suzuki & Chitra S

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  • playing video games-preview-pilot's perspective-airasia-air asia-travel 3sixty

    Tom, Dick or Harry?

    You are bound to have seen movies where a gung-ho passenger leaps into action to safely land a wayward aircraft. But can just about anyone takeover the controls and guide a plane to terra firma with no prior training? Capt. Lim Khoy Hing sets matters straight.

    Images: Inmagine

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  • One-World-Hotel-Merdeka-Hi-Tea_preview-Travel 3Sixty-AirAsia

    Best Food Forward

    There’s more to food than meets the eye. Not only does it nourish, food also has the power to bring together kith and kin together, changing strangers into friends and bridging cultural differences. Now go forth and travel, explore and eat to your heart’s content!

    Words: Alice Yong

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    Awesome All the Way!

    With bright blue skies and azure waters coming together to create the most inviting seaside settings, a beach holiday is just the thing to put the zing back into your life. Planning to take one but don’t know where to head to? Simply book your next awesome destination with AirAsia and let your woes melt away at the region’s Top 8 beach destinations!

    Words: Shoba Pillai

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  • Pilot's Perspective

    The 10 Memory Items

    A pilot has a lot on his plate when he steps into the cockpit to get ready for a flight. It’s quite different compared to what a motorist faces when inside a car. As the pilot is responsible for so many lives in a very expensive flying machine, he is also one of the most checked, evaluated and tested individuals on earth.

    Words: Capt. Lim Khoy Hing

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