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    Fight The Fatigue

    Are passengers in danger of falling into the hands of a snoozing pilot? Captain Lim Khoy Hing explains the strict regulations that govern pilots’ rest patterns to ensure safe flying for all. 

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  • Mei-Yi-Foo_thumb Mei-Yi-Foo_thumb

    Mei Yi Foo

    As a child perplexed watching her cousins groan during piano practice, Mei Yi Foo’s curiosity led her to tinkle with the ivories herself, fine-tuning a skill that has won her a legion of fans and accolades that include being named the BBC’s Music Magazine Awards Best Newcomer of the Year (2013). The talented London-based concert pianist who has played with notable orchestras from the BBC Concert Orchestra to the Helsinki Philharmonic tells Travel 3Sixty how her Malaysian roots have coloured her performances.

    Words : Chitra S

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    Healthy & Hearty

    Healthy food need not be blah. There’s a huge list of food that is both nutritious and tasty too. The good news is that these ingredients are affordable and easily available.

    Words: R. Rajendra

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  • ADAMLEE_2013_03_09_5572_thumb ADAMLEE_2013_03_09_5572_thumb

    Letting in the Light

    Silence descends upon Bali as the island welcomes a new year with ritual purification.

    Words: Beverly Rodrigues Photography: Adam Lee

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  • Nasi Kerabu, Shop -Rasa Kelantan Lot F04, Central Market Food Court_thumb Nasi Kerabu, Shop -Rasa Kelantan Lot F04, Central Market Food Court_thumb

    Food to the Fore

    Food can be wholesome, food can be sexy but we all agree that food is fantastic when shared with family and friends. From cooking schools to eating with local hosts, Travel 3Sixty° explores how food makes the world go round.

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  • Baby Jim Aditya - preview_thumb Baby Jim Aditya - preview_thumb

    Baby Jim Aditya

    Passionate about the fight against HIV/AIDS, DJ-turned-activist Baby Jim Aditya has lived with sex workers in red-light districts in an effort to educate them on HIV/AIDS, visited prisons to teach inmates about the dangers of used needles and unprotected sex, and challenged deep rooted prejudices in her country’s patriarchal society. Here, she tells us why she believes attitudes have to change.

    Compiled by Chitra S

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  • DSC_3274 DSC_3274

    The Shao Must Go On

    Shaoxing Opera, also known as Shao Opera, from the northeastern Zhejiang province of China, is a lesser known form of Chinese opera that, despite the onslaught of modern forms of entertainment, continues to hold its own with the support of the working class who appreciate its robust and energetic style of presentation.

    Words & Photography: Wang Yuanchang

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