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    Sleeping On The Job

    Can pilots nap while on duty? Captain Lim Khoy Hing explains what happens in the event that some cockpit crew need a quick timeout.

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  • Feature Image Taipei Feature Image Taipei

    Tale Of Two Cities

    A city girl heads to Taiwan for a holiday and returns with two contrasting experiences.

    Words: Ellyse Ng Photography: Adam Lee 

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  • muay thai muay thai

    Maximum Impact

    Mixed Martial Arts fighters take to the cage in the hope of turning pro.

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  • AXN The Apprentice Asia AXN The Apprentice Asia

    The Apprentice Asia

    Based on the hit reality series starring Donald Trump, The Apprentice Asia is finally here with aviation tycoon Tony Fernandes at the helm. The show will pit 12 contestants from around Asia against each other in a battle of wits and skill for the honour of becoming Asia’s very first apprentice. The winner will take on a much-coveted position in one of Fernandes’ many enterprises.

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  • Hanoi Off The Grid - preview Hanoi Off The Grid - preview

    Hanoi Off The Grid

    A seasoned traveller strays from the beaten path in search of the real McCoy.

    Words & Photography: Flash Parker 

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  • Feature Image KL Consumed Feature Image KL Consumed

    KL Consumed

    Kuala Lumpur (aka KL), the capital city of Malaysia, is a huge melting pot of people, cultures and cuisine. From Malay, Chinese, Indian and regional cuisines to international offerings that experiment with local flavours, eating here is a national obsession, and food is cheap too! Street fare is hugely popular and eating out into the wee hours of the night is the norm. While most others stop with breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner, city folks continue their love affair with food with supper and maybe even a late night bite before finally retiring for the day. It is a consuming affair but one that everyone does with great relish! Here’s a quick roundup of the city’s popular enclaves that are popular with the locals.

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  • Palatable Pleasures-preview Palatable Pleasures-preview

    Palatable Pleasures

    Food plays such an important role in our lives that we even use it to express ourselves, while flowers that normally prettify a table can become an ingredient in our daily meals.

    Words: R. Rajendra 

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