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[UPDATE] Your Funny Stories = Free Hotel Stay?

The Travel 3Sixty team has laughed all week but it’s now time to select a winner for our ‘Funny Stories’ contest week. After much giggling and chuckling while debating over our choices, we have found the one!

By Admin

[UPDATED 27 May 2013, 3.30pm]

Congratulations, Tiffaney!

You’ve won yourself a stay for two for 3D2N at Parkroyal Hotel Penang.

Stay tuned for our notification email, and we’ll be in touch soon :)

To the rest of you, we loved your stories! Thank you for your participation and for the fun times! You’re all winners :)


Tell us your funniest travel tales and stand a chance to win a 3D2N stay at Parkroyal Penang Resort!

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We want your funny stories! Pic via Tumblr



1) Summarise your funniest travelling experience at the COMMENT BOX below together with your Name and Email Address.

2) Wait for our winner’s announcement by 27 May 2013

3) Check your inbox for further details from us if you’re our lucky winner!

Contest runs from 20 May 2013 – 24 May 2013

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How did I end up here? That is a funny story...


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3D2N Stay at Parkroyal Penang Resort

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  • Ellyse LeeSuan Ng

    I was in Hong Kong at the Avenue of Stars. People were crowding around the railing to watch the Light Show. I found a spot and promptly climbed OVER the railing as I am a pretty tall person (many went UNDER the railings instead). I managed to go over the railing and felt a sense of accomplishment when I sat on top…until my camera bag slid to the back and threw off my balance. Needless to say, it was a fantastic fall, and everyone just gathered around me whilst I was lying down to snap pictures on their camera phones.

    • http://www.airasia.com/travel360 Travel 3Sixty

      Don’t forget your name and email yea:)

  • http://tingkertingkerting.tumblr.com/ salma tayo

    The funniest thing that ever happened to me is on our hotel stay in Sarawak. We were eating at the hotels’ restaurant. Everything was fine and calm until our food arrived. I incidentally knocked my drink and it spilled in my husband’s food. But the waiter quickly rushed and changed my drink and my husband’s food. A few seconds later, my brother in law dropped his chopsticks, followed by the waiter behind who dropped his tray. Then the guy behind us almost fell down from his seat but grabbed his girlfriend’s bag that fell instead. Everything happens so fast that it was chaos in the restaurant. We all laughed at each other in the end.

    • http://www.airasia.com/travel360 Travel 3Sixty

      Remember to provide your name and email.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lovechawanmushi Love Chawanmushi

    I used to travel a lot by packing my stuff in backpack. I check in luggage once a blue moon. Last week was my 3rd check in luggage out of 100 trips. And guess what? All 3 times I forgot my luggage. After I reach hotel only I realize. So, I head back to the airport which was not very near to collect my luggage. Isn’t that sounds silly? :)

    • http://www.airasia.com/travel360 Travel 3Sixty

      Remember to provide your name and email :):)

  • http://www.facebook.com/vwongwt Victor Wong Wai Tsung

    We were spending 3 days 2 nights at Pangkor Laut Resort. On the first night we all fast asleep in bed after a fun but tiring day, I was suddenly awoken by the creaking of the floorboards. When I sat up I noticed my son was not in the bed. Apparently he had somehow crawled down the bed in his sleep and was sprawled on the floor hugging his beloved bolster. What was funny was when I approached to pick him up, I noticed he was muttering and shifting left and right as if crawling. To my amusement my wife (who was now awake as well) and I watched and taped him for the next 30 minutes ‘swimming’ around on the timber floor ocassionally tucked up like a sea cucumber while at times spread out like a starfish!

    • http://www.airasia.com/travel360 Travel 3Sixty

      Remember to provide your name and email :):):)

  • http://www.airasia.com/travel360 Travel 3Sixty

    Remember to provide your name and email, guys!

  • http://www.thetraveltart.com The Travel Tart

    There’s nothing like waiting 4 hours for a minibus taxi to fill up in Southern Africa, and then holding on for dear life as the driver tries to compensate for lost time by driving 150 km/hour on dodgey roads. Plus sitting next to the person with the biggest backside on the bus, which meant half of mine hanging over the edge for 12 hours. But, all was good until I was dropped off at a ‘Hi-jacking hotspot’ to try and find my hostel in Pretoria. I dont think my cheap travel insurance would have covered me if something had gone wrong!

    • http://www.airasia.com/travel360 Travel 3Sixty

      Remember to provide your name and email yea

  • Irvinia

    I tried to joint writing contest from Faber Castell Indonesia (I live and work in Jakarta by the way), unfortunatelly I have training in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia at the same time.
    In order to submit my writing on time, I bought Faber Castell pen – on of the contest requirement – in Suria KLCC mall.
    I write the story of Malaysia’s pen homesick which was wish to go back to Malaysia by using winning money of the contest.
    Guess what, I am not win the contest, I believe its because the pen is not Indonesia’s product :-) and the Faber Castell Malaysia’s pen still on my stationary container until today.

    • http://www.airasia.com/travel360 Travel 3Sixty

      Remember to provide your name and email :)

  • Johan

    My travelling journey in Beijing, China in September, telling a lot of funny stories. One of them was about ice cream. One day, I was really looking for ice cream because the weather was really hot that time. So I went around my hotel, found a small shop and started to look for ice cream. Well, I am not fluent in speaking and reading Mandarin, but I was too shamed to let others know, so I went inside the shop straightly went to the fridge, looked for an eye catched package and bought two. When I tried to eat it, I had just realized that I was not buying ice cream, but iced water instead !!! That was my first tasteless ice cream I ever ate.
    My Name : Johan
    My Email : johan.jonathan73@yahoo.co.id

  • Nova Sari

    Last November, when I escape for celebration my birthday. I travel alone from Pekanbaru to KL, not so happy coz all my frend so bz with their work so I cant spend my holiday with them. On my journey I try to find someone be my travel frend. Unlucky no one I found.

    In AA flight, beside me is a grandma. She dunno how to use seat belt. So I help her, no much conversation after she said thank you. I try to close my eyes and wondering what I will do to celebrate my day. Suddenly the
    grandma ask me. “where u will going? KL too?
    what??? Am I in wrong flight? But im pretty sure there is only one flight from
    Pekanbaru to KL this afternoon.
    I thinking hardly what she means, and after a minute I replied, “hmm,…yes”.

    Does she think jet is like a bus? Can stop anywhere u ask to stop? Can I ask pilot to stop in the sky?
    Im so happy with her question,make me laugh in my silent 😀

    nova sari

  • chua chong hooi


    EMAIL : chonghooi1992@gmail.com

    It was a very deep impression for me travel together with my family members went to the Singapore when I was year 18. I still remember we all finished visit the Marina Bay Sand, and all of us was waiting for taxi to send us to the LRT station. When the taxi is arrived, the taxi driver told us that we have to separate into two car because we have 8 person at the time. 4 of us (young man) will take one taxi, unfortunately the two taxi driver was drop us at different LRT station. I heard my aunty say that my dad was felt scary and do not chit chat with them along the journey from LRT to Woodland. By the way, my aunts described that his face is going to “purple”. My mom and aunty keep laughing at him and told him that we all are adult and Singapore is safety.

    My dad is treating us as kid even though we are 21 years old. In front of the screen of experiences is funny, but at the back of screen is full of love and touching.

  • Tiffaney

    It happened during my last trip to Johor Bharu via Air Asia, I remembered it was cold rainy evening at the Senai International Airport. I put on my shawl to keep warm.

    After the immigration checkpoint, a ground staff of Air Asia (cute guy) was checking my e-ticket. He glanced over me and said: “For pregnant woman flying on our flight, must complete the declaration…..”

    Immediately I clarified with a high pitch voice: “I AM STILL SINGLE AND AVAILABLE!” I thought shawl will make every woman look feminine and beautiful, I guess not applicable that cute Air Asia ground crew. *Laugh silently to myself*


  • Shireen

    We were going on our honeymoon to Switzerland – during winter.
    My husband had checked in my winter boots and I was wearing the skimpiest
    pair of slippers you could find. At our transit in Amsterdam, the immigration officer looked at my feet and said “Cool footwear. You do know it’s freezing cold here rite?” I looked around and I was the ONLY one with a pair of slippers. I gave the officer a big grin and left hurriedly. Of course I revenged my husband later on!


  • Shireen

    This took place during our recent vacation in Kuching at Top Spot the famous seafood place…
    Me: I must try midin, ambal, fish and other stuff
    Husband: You pick a table. I’ll go order
    Food arrives – midin masak sambal & fish oyster sauce
    Me: *confused face*
    Husband: What?!?
    Me: Next time listen, listen, listen first!

    We had a good laugh in the end


  • http://www.facebook.com/lovechawanmushi Love Chawanmushi

    Another experience of mine when I traveled to Bali with Airasia 2 years back. I love taking off my shoes in plane or bus everytime I traveled. As usual, I took off my shoes and sleep.When reached, everyone was excited to get out from the plane.So do I. And when I stood up, I could not find my shoes!So I sat back and waited everyone to get out from the plane so I could search for my shoes otherwise I would be shoe-less. The air stewardess offer to help but could not find. Searching whole plane but NONE. In no choice I walk with bare feet to the terminal to get my luggage for another shoe. Everyone looked at me like I am a crazy person walking around with bare feet. Hahaha!

    Name: Shereen Sow
    Email: shereensow89@gmail.com

  • Kenny Tan

    We traveled to Krabi, Thailand on Apr 23. And we took an island hopping package tour right in the next morning. We went around Phi Phi Island, Viking Cave, Maya Bay, Bamboo Island, etc.

    This funniest tour guide that I’ve ever met, was asking us to do snorkeling nearby the sea shore about half an hour, then be on boat at 11am sharp. She claimed that,” Whoever is late, I will see you TOMORROW!” ~~(^^,) LOL

    During lunch hour at Phi Phi Don, we were given sufficient time to eat, and this funniest tour guide, again, saying that,” If the food is not enough, you can buy another tour package, and I will see you TOMORROW!” ~~(‘,^) LOL

    After lunch, we asked for another swimming & snorkeling sessions, she was OK. But this time she insisted everyone to wear lifejacket & goggles cause we did it in the middle of sea, OPEN WATER! And before she voiced out, my gang teased her that,” Ok Ok, we wear all, otherwise, we will see you tomorrow?”


    She said,” No! No! If you are LUCKY, I will see you AFTER THREE DAYS!!!”

    WE ALL LAUGHED OUT LOUD! Don’t you?!


    Fun regards,
    Name : Kenny Tan
    E-mail : kennytan@galladental.com

  • Anonymous

    I remembered my first time travelling to the United States and I was really excited back then as it was my first time travelling alone. I just turned 21 and was ready to see the other side of the world. Having grown up watching Hollywood movies and television shows would supposedly prepare me for what I should expect there in terms of the culture, language, food and whatnot’s but I was wrong. When I was at the custom check point in San Francisco, I was asked a question that threw me off completely. “How long is your legal alien status in this country?” I elicited a laughter as I thought that it was a joke but the custom officer’s (I still remembered him being a portly man with a bushy mustache) facial expression remained the same – stoic and serious. As I didn’t want to cause any trouble then seeing he was the one who would approve my entry into the US, I simply answered politely, “I am a legal Malaysian since birth.” He looked rather agitated and repeated the question. I didn’t know what to say and I just blurted out, “I’m not an alien.” “Yes, you are sir. I need to know how long you will be in this country!” he said. I quickly replied, “Two months.” He proceeded to stamp my documents and passport and allowed me to pass. I was relieved but baffled at the same time. Alien? Me? Last time I checked I didn’t look like an extraterrestrial being. To settle my curiousity I decided to ask a kind looking American at the airport while waiting for my next flight. Lo and behold, the term “legal alien” in America refers to foreigners who are legally permitted into the country including tourists and foreign students among others. I laughed myself so hard that until this day, I still remembered the first time in my life being called an alien.

    Name: Gary Hor
    Email: gary.purple.apple[at]gmail[dot]com

  • Cicero Omero II

    During our family vacation in Hongkong, we stayed in chungking mansion along nathan road TST,Kowloon. It has 2 elevators that can accomodate 8-10 persons for the occupants of about 20 floors.
    One time during peak hours, queues are a little bit longer and you have to wait some time to go up the elevator.
    We are about 8 going up and another small fat lady joined, the elevator sounded the alarm for over loading. No one seems to move out.
    What i did try was to stand on my toes on both legs. The elevator door closed and started to move up. Since most are smaller than me, they noticed that i did grow a little higher.
    They seemed to be amazed, and almost all look down on my legs.I was standing on my toes. Good for us, we were the first to moved out. My family moved out from the elevator laughing hard.

    Cicero T. Omero II

  • Johan

    This is another hilarious thing happened in my trip to Beijing, China in
    September. First time having lunch at chinese restaurant in Beijing, I
    was astonished that I had to use a pair of chopsticks in order to feed
    my roaring stomach. Hey! I’d never used those tools in my life before,
    and I had to use it to lift rice in a bowl? I looked around and
    everybody ate their food without any difficulty, so I grabbed that
    chopstick, tried my best lifting anything to satisfy my hungry mouth,
    but it seems useless. Finally, I surrendered and asked the waitress for
    spoon. Unfortunately, they didn’t understand English, in other hand, I
    didn’t understand their languages. It looks like a duck trying to
    communicate with a chicken. I asked for spoon, they gave me a big soup
    spoon! So I drew a spoon on a piece of paper, hopefully could help, and
    they gave me another type of soup spoon, smaller. At least, that spoon
    was easier to use than chopsticks!

    Name : Johan

    E-mail : johan.jonathan73@yahoo.co.id

  • Peifen Ten

    March of last year, I went to Vietnam with few of my friend. When arrived Vietnam, we get a cab to hotel and after put all luggage into car, my another friend quickly ran left hand side in front of car seat, the taxi driver feel shock and stood in front of my friend say are u want drive car?
    We laughed unstop at that moment due to my friend action.

    May of this year, we go to Hong Kong for 6days 5night trip without tourist guide due to our language pronounced is same. Once arrived Hong Kong, we felt hungry and had a lunch at a restaurant. After ate, I ask the staff made payment by pronounce Cantonese -shou lui. The staff no any response on my request and I keep say shou lui again. The staff also didn’t give any response on my request. I feel very angry and finally his boss come over infront of me. I complaint for the boss about the staff attitude is so bad due to I keep ask for made payment and didn’t give response on that. The boss feel so weird and ask the staff come in front of us to apologize with me. The staff say to his boss never heard my request for made payment, I say I already keep call Cantonese language- shou lui for twice times.
    The boss sudden laugh and say in Cantonese language made payment should pounce with shou qian not shou lui
    Oh my god, I sudden Feel embarrassed

    • Peifen Ten

      Name: ten pei fen

  • Jay

    I was relaxing by the swimming pool on a short vacation to Sarawak. A 5-yr old came up to me and started chatting. After a while, she asked me what was written on my t-shirt. I looked down and tried to read the small print on my tshirt. Getting impatient, she patted my back and said “take your time, i’ll be back in a while” and jumped into the pool. I felt foolish and regretted not making something up :/
    When she finally came up again, I read out the words to her. She gave me the thumbs up sign, said “Good job!” and walked away.
    Kids really say the cutest things :)


  • rajan

    how do i write to the page where readers post comments about this magazine to win prizes?