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Things to do in Bengaluru

  • 21 Apr 2014


Bengaluru may be India’s Silicon Valley, home to some of the country’s biggest IT firms, but it is also home to vibrant nightlife and plenty-to-offer shopping hubs that appeal to both technocrats and visitors alike. Step away from the modern-day offerings and indulge in the city’s beautiful parks and fascinating architecture—part of this rapidly changing garden city on the Deccan Plateau, known for making every visitor feel right at home.

Best of Bengaluru

1. Lalbagh Botanical Gardens

The sprawling 240-acre Mughal-style garden, established in 1760 by the Mysore emperor Hyder Ali, is the city’s foremost green lung and is especially beautiful in spring. Have a pleasant stroll along the manicured paths to view India’s largest tropical plants collection and snap wonderful macro shots during the popular biannual flower shows!

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2. Shree Surya Narayana Swamy Temple

Hidden in the midst of a residential area is this Chola-style Sun Temple—one of the few in Bengaluru. Despite the thousands of devotees that visit it every day, it remains a spacious and tranquil respite from urban life, making it well-loved by locals.

3. Vidhana Soudha and Attara Kacheri

Two magnificent landmarks stand across each other on the fringes of Cubbon Park—the massive seat of Karnataka state legislature and the red neoclassical court of appeals. While both are closed to visitors, the sheer scale and authority within these great halls put them high on the list of must-sees in Bengaluru. 

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4. ISKCON Bengaluru

Bengaluru’s Hare Krishna temple is one of the most impressive (and one of the largest) ISKCON temples in the world, frequented by thousands of devotees daily. Be awed by the unique glass-and-gopuram architecture as well as the fervour of worshippers at services that go on almost all day. 

5. Basavanagudi

As one of the oldest districts of Bengaluru, Basavanagudi is home to heritage buildings, the Bull Temple with a massive Nandi (bull of Shiva) statue, and Gandhi Bazaar, the busy traditional shopping area that is especially lively during the Groundnut Festival—all of which keep locals coming back for more. 

6. KR City Market

Bengaluru’s oldest and busiest market is packed with crowds and mounds of flowers, produce, and religious powder in all colours. Come early in the morning to experience the full sensory overload in the city’s Muslim quarter. 

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7. Art of Living Ashram

At this 65-acre renowned international centre set in the Panchagiri Hills, experience free guided meditation sessions, Ayurvedic massage, evening satsang (music and meditation) and of course, yoga.

8. Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum

Right next to Cubbon Park, kids and kids-at-heart will find halls of learning where science comes to life and there is no theory that fun cannot prove. Dinosaurs, electronics and a 3D theatre will keep curious minds occupied and inquisitive tots craving for more. 

9. Jewellery

There are thousands of jewellers in Bengaluru offering a wide variety of eye-catching bling, from the simple to the elegant, with trade centred on Commercial Street, Richmond Road and the Chickpet area.

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10. Silk

Bengaluru’s love affair with silk reached its height at the end of the 19th century, when the Tata Silk Farm was established. Those enamoured by the lustrous fabric will be excited by the bargains in the Chickpet area and the latest fashions on MG Road.

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11. Dosa

Bengaluruan breakfast and snack times are better with dosa, a crispy crepe served with sambar and chutney at hundreds of eateries around the city. Try out the curry-free version with just butter and sugar, just the way kids like it.