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Things to do in Guangzhou

  • 27 Jan 2014


Also known as Canton, the pride of Cantonese people can be seen through their impeccable cuisines and brilliant fervour for business. More than just towering skyscrapers and countless dim sum shops, a closer observation will show you a charming city rich with culture and history as an important site of the Maritime Silk Road.


Best of Guangzhou

1.  Canton Tower

Standing tall above the gleaming cityscape is the once-tallest tower in the world. From above, you’ll be treated to a marvellous view of the entire city. The rooftop has an outdoor public observatory shaped like a terraced ellipse, making it the highest and largest outdoor observation deck in the world. The tower glows with light from an impressive node lighting design.

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2. TianMa Clothing Wholesale Market

The centre for fashion shopping, Guangzhou is famous among travellers for its inexpensive shopping experience. Accessories, bags, shoes and a wide range of fashion items – everything you need at reasonable prices which will not burn a hole in your pocket.

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3. Flower City Square

Ten times larger than the Guangzhou People’s Park, the 560,000 square meters square boasts vibrant modern buildings such as the steel-structured Guangzhou Opera House and the remarkable 103 stories Guangzhou International Financing Centre. Its modernity is juxtaposed with its surrounding natural beauty, with more than 600 large trees and poetic green willow planted around the square, and right in the middle is a man-made lake complete with a musical fountain.

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4. Baiyun Mountain

In the northern outskirts of Guangzhou, Baiyun Mountain stands proud watching over the capital city. With peaks shrouded by white clouds, the mountain is the place for a quick and easy escape from the city with its lush greeneries dotted by scenic gardens, lakes, temples and tea houses.

5. Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

You’re looking at 1,200 metres-long and 300 shops worth of shopping to be done at Shangxiajiu! From fashion to traditional Chinese medicine, the commercial street is also a great place to rest and unwind at the many teahouses, amidst the unique and historical Lingnan and Tong Lau architecture.

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6. Shamian Island

The island was an important landing point for foreign traders during the Qing Dynasty. The colonial European buildings here have been renovated so visitors can relive Guangzhou in the rustic 19th century. One of the notable structures is the Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel.

7. Dim Sum

An important tradition of Cantonese people is to ‘yum cha’ (literally “drink tea”) in the mornings or evenings, whilst enjoying small portions of dim sum, be it steamed buns, meat dumplings, spring rolls or phoenix claws. Best enjoyed with friends and family for a relaxing time!

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Nearby Attractions


Just across the mainland Chinese border from Hong Kong, Shenzhen is a modern miracle with vibrant economy and sprawling landscapes. Besides taking the bus, the fastest and easiest way to travel between Guangzhou and Shenzhen by land is by taking the train, which will only take you 1 to 2 hours of travel time. One of the richest and most populous cities in China, the spectacular city is filled with theme parks and attractions galore, along with lots of street shopping and local cuisines.

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