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Things to do in Miri

  • 24 Jan 2014


The site of Malaysia’s first oil well and oil refinery has more than black gold. This city of 300,000 boasts more than a dozen city parks and offers access to four national parks, where rainforests, caves, waterfalls and limestone pinnacles make for a truly rich ecotourism experience.

Best of Miri

1. Grand Old Lady & Petroleum Museum

The Grand Old Lady, the first inland oil drilling platform in Malaysia, has watched over Miri from Canada Hill for more than a century. The Petroleum Museum next door provides a wealth of information on the oil and gas industry.

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2. San Ching Tien Taoist Temple

Built in the year 2000, a sense of tranquillity envelops you the moment you enter this Taoist temple, touted to be the largest in Southeast Asia. Carved on the door arch of the temple is an incredible pair of dragons, brought all the way from China.

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3. Tamu Muhibbah

There are lots to see and do at this lively native market featuring vendors from different tribes – some even from remote areas up river—selling exotic produce and unique handicrafts. On weekend mornings, this colourful market brims with local handicrafts and unusual produce from all around Sarawak. Come on over for a taste of local Miri to bring back home to your loved ones!

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4. Miri Crocodile Farm

Over a thousand crocs and several other animal species from Borneo and beyond call Miri Crocodile Farm home. The park is open 7 days a week, with four feeding times daily. The perfect place for couples, families and even for those who want to see the gnashing creatures up close!

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7. Scuba Diving in Miri

Numerous patch reefs discovered in the 1990s can be reached from Miri’s shores. Anemones and clownfish are common, as are enormous sea fans and giant groupers. Ocean lovers will love the variety of sea habitants and colourful ocean-floor gardens.

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Nearby Attractions

Niah National Park

Prepare your trail shoes and torches for a long walk in the dark! Best known for the Great Cave inhabited by tens of thousands of bats and swiftlets, the park is also archaeologically important for the cave paintings and the earliest modern human remains found in Southeast Asia.

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Gunung Mulu National Park

The karst landscapes and Deer Cave make the park one of Borneo’s greatest attractions. Serious spelunkers can also step foot into one of the longest cave systems in Southeast Asia, as well as the world’s largest underground chamber.

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Boasting one of the wealthiest oil-based economies in the world with an impressive Sultanate rule, this wonderful country is a gem for its amazing Islamic heritage, beautiful beaches and gorgeous natural sights. A must go for nature lovers and history buffs!

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