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24 Hours in Tacloban

AirAsia resident photographer Adam Lee documents the catastrophic aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban City, the worst-hit city in central Philippines.

Tacloban  City welcome sign

Tacloban City’s welcome sign survived the Super Typhoon Haiyan and continues to stand proud by the road leading to the city centre. The sturdy display reflects the people’s resilience against the disaster.

Tacloban jeepney amid rubble

With winds measured up to 315km/h, Super Typhoon Haiyan violently reduced the city to rubble and debris overnight.

Ship displaced by Haiyan in Tacloban

The violent typhoon swept a number of large vessels ashore, decimating fishing villages. As of last count, 5,598 lives were lost in this catastrophic event.

Tacloban City airport damage

Despite the devastation to the airport, Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport resumed operation just days after the typhoon, with military aircraft bringing in relief aid and commercial airlines conducting mercy flights. 

Tacloban survivors on the street

Over a million houses were damaged, displacing over 3.8 million people across the archipelago and necessitating a mass exodus to relief centres in search of clean water, food and shelter.

Poster of missing family members in Tacloban City

With 1,759 people reported missing, the search for loved ones in Tacloban is still ongoing.

Tacloban airport air control tower

From as early as 5am, the people of Tacloban wait in front of the air traffic control tower to board one of the mercy flights operated by various commercial airlines.

Tacloban AirAsia Allstar on bike

Silvino Gayatin Jr, ramp agent of AirAsia Zest based in Tacloban, assessing the damage of his neighbourhood. He survived the typhoon by clinging on to the wooden beam of his house as the water rose.

Scavenging for rubble in Tacloban City

Typhoon Haiyan survivors in Tacloban City scavenge for useable materials to rebuild their homes in a city of debris.  

Tacloban airport pre-departure area

The scale of the destruction and loss is truly immense. Hundreds of thousands continue to live without clean water, electricity and basic necessities. Despite the amount of help being channeled to the people of Tacloban, continued support is crucial to enable them to rebuild their lives.

AirAsia Foundation is working with the Philippine Red Cross in support of immediate relief efforts. Donate online at www.airasiafoundation.com/typhoonhaiyan.

Every dollar you donate will be matched by the AirAsia Group and allocated for the monumental task of rebuilding, helping survivors start anew and move forward.

For more information, visit www.airasiafoundation.com/typhoonhaiyan.