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Interview with Bobby Zamora

An interview with Bobby Zamora, the 31 year-old player from Barking, London who has been instrumental in fortifying the R’s forward since 2011.

Best Striker you’ve played alongside in your career?
I have played with some great players over the years but if I had to choose just one I would go for Carlos Tevez. We had a good connection at West Ham United and a good understanding. I really enjoyed playing with him because he is a special player.

Bobby Zamora injured his head during Manchester City match on 1 Sept 2012 but still managed to score

Greatest striker of all time?
Diego Maradona. It’s difficult to look beyond him really, isn’t it? He was unreal. Some people say Messi but he hasn’t eclipsed Maradona for me. He hasn’t won a World Cup, has he?

What advice would you give a kid looking to play professional football?
Work hard. That’s the key. Even players with great talent have to work hard and be willing to help out their teammates. Look at someone like Messi, a phenomenal talent, but his work-rate is incredible and you need to have that as part of your game, regardless of your ability.

Bobby Zamora in action during West Bromwich Albion match on 6 October

What are the top qualities you need to be a quality striker at this level?
Strength and intelligence are probably the two main attributes you need. You also need to have a good understanding of other players in terms of the way that they play. You can help them make their mind up by the way you position your body.

Who is your best friend in QPR?
Andrew Johnson, he’s a top lad.

Best stadium you’ve played in?
I have played at some great stadiums and some that have a brilliant name in English football. I’ll have to say Wembley. Everyone in this country dreams of playing there.