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Discover Borneo, Discover Adventure

If you’ve always wanted to have the holiday of your life, then Borneo will meet your expectation and more. AirAsia’s brand new travel guide will kick-start your adventure!

By Ari Vanuaranu

Not only Borneo has the world’s oldest rainforest where scientists keep discovering new and endemic species, it is also the place to find scenic beaches and dreamy tropical islands. Add all these with diverse culture unique to the island, and you get your ultimate holiday destination. Still not convinced? Let us spotlight on the island’s highlights.


Adventure in every corner


     Unleash the adventurer in you and spelunk the world’s largest underground chamber at Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak or discover Maliau Basin, nicknamed as Sabah’s Lost World for its unique flora and fauna. Those who want a day of sea, sand and sun will find their paradise in one of the world’s top ten dive spots, Sipadan.


Exotic and delicious local fares await you!


     We share with you Borneo’s must-eats like the refreshing Umai (local version of sashimi) and Manok Pansoh (tender chicken cooked in bamboo). Our calendar of events and festivals will help you schedule your visit so as not to miss all the buzz around the island such as Rainforest World Music Festival and Gawai Dayak. You can find these and so much more in the guide.


When you wind down in Sabah, you do it in style


     Aside from featuring useful information for you to plan your holiday, this Discover Borneo electronic guide also works hard to make the whole experience easier for you.

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Close encounter with these wonderful creatures will change your life forever


     Yes, the guide has everything covered for you. The most important thing of all: It won’t cost you a thing! Unlike the regular and bulky travel guides you usually find in bookstores, AirAsia travel guide is absolutely FREE to read and download.

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     So what are you waiting for? Download Discover Borneo now and start planning your ultimate Bornean holiday! We are looking forward to ours too!

Tip: For quick access, scan the QR code using your smartphone or tablet, and download the PDF guide (best viewed with Adobe Reader).