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From Kalibo to Boracay – Easy Transfer to Island Paradise

Getting to the island paradise that is Boracay from Kalibo in the Philippines is as easy as one-two-three! Let us show you how to get to one of the world’s top islands, step by step.

Words and Photography: Ari Fajar

Kalibo Airport to Caticlan Jetty

As you step out of Kalibo Airport, you will spot rows of stalls where tour operators offer various packages consisting of a bus / van ride to Caticlan Jetty and ferry to cross to Boracay. If you haven’t made any arrangements yet, head over to the Southwest Tours stand where they will whisk you away on a seamless transfer from the airport to your hotel.

SEE ALSOPlan Your Own Boracay Adventure! 

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Come and get your transfer package  outside the airport, ma’am and sir!

     Heads up, it’s a two-hour ride to the jetty. Prepare the playlist on your phone, catch up on your sleep or enjoy the scenery of the Aklan countryside along the way.

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The land transfer to the Caticlan Jetty is the longest stretch of the transfer, so come prepared for the ride!

Duration: approximately 2 hours. Fare: from PHP 200 by bus / van.

Caticlan Jetty to Cagban Jetty

Don’t forget that everyone coming to Boracay needs to pay the Terminal Fee (PHP 100) and Environmental Fee (PHP 75) at the counter just outside Caticlan Jetty, if the fee is not built into the package. After you settle all the fees, head toward the Tourist Registration Desk and fill in your personal details. Keep in mind the operation hours of the boats are from 5am to 10pm.

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Caticlan Jetty is the jump-off point from the main island of Aklan (where Kalibo is) to Boracay Island.

      Unless you avail of the package, it’s your choice whether you want to take one of the ferries that depart frequently according to each operator’s schedule, or the bangka (motorised outrigger boat), which you can charter as a group.

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Crossing over to Boracay’s Cagban Jetty takes less than 10 minutes with one of these babies!

Duration: approximately 15 minutes by ferry, 10 minutes by bangka. Fare: PHP 25-30 by public ferry, approximately PHP 100 by bangka.

Boracay Jetty to Your Hotel

Welcome to Boracay Island! Now all you have to do is find your way to your hotel. There are different modes of transportation which you can use, from simple tricycles to vans, great when traveling with friends and family.

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Hello, paradise! Time for fun in the sun!

     Expect to arrive at your hotel around 6:30pm. It’s quite a journey, but it’s worth your time, we promise.

Duration: up to 30 minutes. Fare: PHP 50 (van arranged from Kalibo Airport), PHP 100 (tricycle to stations 1, 2 and 3)

SMART TIP! Door-to-door Transfer

It is advised to take the all-in, door-to-door transfer to avoid the hassle of long queues and irregular transits. Flying in from Manila via a Z2 or PQ flight? Purchase an island transfer package onboard and be taken care of from the moment you step out of Kalibo Airport, all the way to your hotel doorstep, Terminal and Environmental Fee included, for only PHP 520. Just proceed to the Southwest Tours Boracay Inc. counter after collecting your baggage and they will take care of you from that point on. Easy peasy! For more info, visit the AskAirAsia Island Transfer Service page.

Contact: Southwest Tours (Boracay), Inc. +63 36 2685100, +63 999 9944966 

GETTING THERE AirAsia flies direct from Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Seoul, and Busan to Kalibo International Airport. Fly to Kalibo from Kuala Lumpur every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. For flight info and lowest fares, visit www.airasia.com.

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  • Bonny

    Thanks for sharing us the info x!

  • donna

    Hi, Im going to Boracay soon, any advise how to get to Boracay if I arrive at 21:55 at Kalibo airport? The hotel which Im going to stay in wants to charge me PHP3500 for one way transfer

    • Pete

      At 21:55 there are no publice boats anymore. So you have to stay the night in Kalibo, or pay a hefty 3,500 to your hotel.

  • She

    Hi, we’re planning to visit the island anytime soon, we’ll be arriving at Kalibo airport 6:40pm , will there be a chance to catch maybe the last trip going to Boracay? TiA! :)

    • http://www.airasia.com/travel3sixty Travel 3Sixty

      Hi! Transfers to Boracay will still be available at that time. :-)

  • Bell

    Hi , i am planning visit Boracay for 4 days and 3 days at Clark , is that any domestic flight from boracay to clark

    • http://www.airasia.com/travel3sixty Travel 3Sixty

      Hi Bell, none that we are aware of. But Clark is only 2 to 3 hours away from Manila. You can fly from Manila instead. :-)

  • Shae

    Can we also bring food from manila airport via air asia to Kalibo?

    • http://www.airasia.com/travel3sixty Travel 3Sixty

      It should be fine as long as it is packed properly and fits the size and weight requirements. As for eating onboard, the no outside food policy applies to all AirAsia flights. :-)

  • Shella

    Shella. I am planning to visit Boracay in mid Sept’15 from Singapore, with an elderly person, what is the most convenient way to get there.

    • chenz

      Don’t take the Kalibo fight. Take Singapore – Caticlan. Kalibo to Boracay island may take 2 hrs drive. Caticlan to Boracay Island may take 30-40 mins only.

      I will goin there as well…i’m from singapore. My fight is Singapore – Cebu – Caticlan. :) see around!

  • Katrine Lao

    We are planning to go to Boracay on Sept 27. Is the 520 package from AirAsia doesn’t include the boat ride to Boracay?

    • http://www.airasia.com/travel3sixty Travel 3Sixty

      Hi Katrine! The one-way island transfer from Kalibo includes both bus and boat to Boracay. :-)

  • Caren Leong

    Hi, we will travel to Boracay on 12 Sept, arrive at Kalibo Airport at 6.40pm. We would like to book the PHP520 package form AirAsia. Can you advise how to book?